60-min Global Talent Consultation

PRICE: £255.00

Let us help you boost your chances of getting Global Talent visa in the UK!

Get an in-depth evaluation of your case. Understand what is holding you back to apply for this visa right now. Get an action plan of what needs to be done to improve your chances.

All consultations are conducted via Google Meet or Zoom. You will be able to choose a time slot for consultation after payment.

Boost your application for the Global Talent visa

The first stage of the application (endorsement) depends on a few key factors. You need to convince the endorsing body that you are a strong candidate and you’ve got what it takes to be a permanent member of society and economy in the UK. We will talk through your case and give you personalised recommendations as to how to improve on the most important factors:

  • Experience
    Is there a need for some local work experience? What can you do to make your connection to the UK stronger for the purpose of the application?

  • Publicity
    Are there any awards, certificates, articles, videos, or interviews you could take part in?

  • Recommendations
    Do you have the right connections in your networking circle to write you an in-depth recommendation letter or even a few?

  • …and more
    After the call, you will have a clear idea of what you can improve to boost your chances and how to get there.

All consultations are conducted via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts. You will be able to choose a time slot after the payment. We will also ask you to describe your case in more detail when you book your slot in the calendar.