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Who can get the Global Talent visa?

Apply for a Global Talent visa if you’re a leader or potential leader in one of the following fields:
— academia or research
— arts and culture
— digital technology

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Boost your chances with experienced consultants and lawyers

Your visa application will be supported by a joint team of EP Advisory and Sterling Law. 450+ Global Talent cases with a 93% success rate!
Us working together means you get the best out of our expertise – EP Advisory takes care of your document prep while Sterling Law provides legal advice.
We have English-, Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking case managers, so whatever language you speak, we will be able to support you.
All the fields covered. Our clients got approved by Tech Nation, The Royal Academy of Engineering, and Art Council England.
For those who dare: we have experience in helping marketing, product management and even HR professionals to secure this visa!
Our initial assessment test and intro calls are FREE, meaning you have nothing to pay until we take your case on.

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Choose how to get your Global Talent visa in the UK

One-off consultation | Case assessment | Plan for collecting the evidence and presenting your case
  • In-depth consultation
    60-minute call with an experience career consultant who specialises in Global Talent visa applications and will give you detailed feedback regarding your chances.
  • Work experience audit
    Our consultant will study your CV, LinkedIn and additional pieces of evidence in advance to see what else you could potentially do within your job role to improve your chances.
  • Plan for awards, publicity, mentorship and other outside of work achievements
    Discuss the criteria of the visa application that you still need to work on. Our consultant will help you plan for other pieces of evidence that you could get outside of the workplace.
  • List of documents for the relevant endorsing body
    We will share a list of the required documents for the Global Talent endorsing body that is most relevant to you.

The Home Office fee and the IHS are separate and will need to be paid directly.
For UK-based customers, 20% VAT will be added to this price. 

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Case assessment | Document preparation | Draft of Stage 1 application
  • Free initial assessment
    Personalised assessment of your case by EP Advisory and Sterling Law to determine your chances of success.
  • 60min consultation
    In-depth consultation with EP Advisory and Sterling Law to help you determine your strengths, discuss potential evidence and compile a list of documents for submission.
  • CV & LinkedIn written by us
    Your CV in English written by EP Advisory in line with the global talent visa requirements. Amendments for each section of your LinkedIn profile. Personalised recommendations for your country and sector. Proofreading is included!
  • Personal statement written by us
    A perfectly structured personal statement written by EP Advisory explaining why you qualify for this visa and how the UK will benefit from your expertise.
  • Reference letters written by us
    3-5 reference letters (depending on the requirements of the specific route) written by EP Advisory based on the information provided by you. Your referees will only need to sign it!
  • Evidence preparation advice
    3 hours of messenger/on-call advice on the preparation of evidence pieces based on the endorsing body’s requirements.
  • Document review
    Review of all your final documents performed by Sterling Law to assemble the case before the submission.
  • Draft of stage 1 application for endorsement
    Draft of your Stage 1 Application for Endorsement prepared by Sterling Law. The only thing left for you to do is to press submit.

The Home Office fee and the IHS are separate and will need to be paid directly.
For UK-based customers, 20% VAT will be added to this price. 

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Participate in 60min call with EP Advisory and Sterling Law to assemble your case. Brainstorm the most suitable evidence, go through the document list and get recommendations on the best referees for your case.


Assemble your case

Get your CV, personal statement and references written by us. Answer our questions and provide details and we take care of the rest. Proofreading by a native English speaker is included!


Prepare the documents

Get a legal review of your final document pack by Sterling Law and be sure that you have assembled a strong case.


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Almost there! Sterling Law will draft your Stage 1 (and Stage 2 for Full Support package) application. The only thing left for you to do is to press submit.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Global Talent visa in the UK?

The Global Talent visa is a UK immigration category for talented and promising individuals across various sectors, such as sciences, engineering, tech, arts and others, who wish to work in the UK.

To be considered for entry under the Global Talent visa, applicants must normally seek endorsement from one of six endorsing bodies engaged by the UK Home Office. The Global Talent visa is not a ‘sponsored’ visa and so it gives you maximum flexibility and freedom to live and work in the UK with no restrictions along with the option to settle in the UK within just 3 years.

There is no English language or financial requirement for this visa.
The visa is granted for a period of 1 to 5 years (the applicant gets to choose).
The first stage of your application is obtaining endorsement (receiving approval of the “talent” from a recognized endorsing body)

You should normally receive your endorsement decision within 8 weeks, and then you can apply for a visa (Stage 2 of your application).

Who is eligible to get Global Talent visa in the UK?

Applicants across various industries are welcome to apply. It includes scientists, engineers, research professionals, artists, tech professionals, dancers, singers, etc. On top of those obvious directions, we have experience in helping marketing, HR, and project management professionals get this visa.

To be considered for the Global Talent visa in the UK, you must obtain an endorsement from one of six approved by the Home Office endorsing bodies (Tech Nation, the Royal Society, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Academy or Arts Council England). This is called Stage 1 application.

Each endorsing body has its own criteria when assessing the case, however, there are generally have two types of applications applying for the global talent visa:

  • Exceptional Talent – individuals who have already demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution as a leader to their field; and
  • Exceptional Promise – individuals who may be at an early stage in their careers (under 5 years of experience) and have already shown the potential to make significant contributions as a future leader in their field

‘Promise’ applicants are likely to be in the earlier stages in their career, with roughly 5 years or less relevant experience and are more likely to be able to demonstrate that they have the potential to be a leader but have yet to develop a proven track record.

If you have more than 5 years’ experience you are more likely to apply under ‘Talent’ unless there has been a recent and significant shift in the direction of your career.

Is there an English language requirement for the Global Talent visa?

No, there is no language requirement for this visa.

Can I bring my family with me to the UK on the Global Talent visa?

The UK Global Talent visa enables you to take your family members with you. It is called dependent(s). You can bring your spouse/wife/husband, civil or unmarried partner and your children under the age of 18.

CV and LinkedIn writing – how does it work?

CV & LinkedIn writing service is performed in 4 stages.

1. CV formatting

We change the layout of your resume according to what employers want to see using our template that captures the best practice and years of our consultants’ experience.

2. Writing the compelling content

Wondering who actually writes the CV? We do. But to get from a blank page to a finalised document, we need your input and answers to our questions about your experience. First, we define your responsibilities and achievements, find correct job titles in English/German, highlight key competencies and add keywords to resonate with an employer in seconds. It then takes 2-3 rounds of iterations to produce a compelling CV.

3. Proofreading

Our native proofreaders check your CV for errors – your CV has to be mistake-free. We then send you the final version in a word doc format so you can adjust it to any relevant roles. Our clients often say, “I cannot believe that my experience and achievements sound so impressive!”

4. LinkedIn profile optimisation notes

Based on the proofread resume, we send you instructions on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile in English. The instructions cover every little detail, from URL and overall settings to every section of your profile. Once you have updated your LinkedIn profile, we will look through it again to make sure you did everything correctly and provide further improvement recommendations when needed.
In addition to your CV and LinkedIn notes, you will get a 17-page CV ebook, a 12-page LinkedIn ebook and a guide on how to adapt the CV for each role.

Global Talent
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Meet people who dare. They have already been through the entire process, succeeded in getting the Global Talent visa and now are building their lives in the UK.

No two stories are the same. Maksim works in product management, Katya is an ambitious photographer and Katya Granova is a talented artist. They aim high, work hard, and never give up.