[] EP Advisory was founded with a simple yet big ambition: to help expats find where they truly belong. We unlock career possibilities beyond borders – whether geographical, organisational, or personal.

Work has become integral to our lives, identities and well-being. But the employment world is stuck with recruiting agents who, by definition, ‘persuade people to work for a company’. They are driven by KPIs rather than the urge to help an individual find a fulfilling job. Not to mention international professionals who are completely left out of the picture due to the serious misconception about the complexity of visa and immigration policies.

We started EP Advisory to change this. Having been recruiters ourselves, we no longer could prioritise employers’ needs over those of people. We wanted to give thousands of bright, intelligent, ambitious, and brave Russian speakers a stepping stone to make their dreams come true.

From our first call to the job offer, we are here for them every step of the way. Evaluating all the options, giving constructive feedback, sharing industry-specific advice, and providing practical tools to encourage them to become what they want. Whether it means another challenge, a fresh start, or a long-awaited opportunity, we push the boundaries and explore how the seemingly unreal can become real.

In a world of possibilities beyond borders, we help them find where they truly belong.

Our values

To make a real difference in a career consulting industry, we all share and live by the values that guide our business decisions, operational processes and client work.

Dare to change

We don’t settle for mediocrity and
always find ways to evolve.

Be #excitedbypeople

We deeply care about our network
and share their stories.

Lead by example

We walk the talk and apply what we
advise to others in real life.

Commit to result

We make sure we achieve the result
you’re aiming for.

Meet our team

We are a fully remote team of career advisors, marketers and HR professionals distributed across the UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Having pursued an ambition to do what we love, we now help others make it happen.

[ Consultants ]

Each brings something unique to the career consulting mix. Together, they make an almighty team covering all areas of expertise and most countries around the globe.

Elizaveta Proselkova
Founder & CEO

Elizaveta is the driving force behind EP Advisory. She has an ability to radiate endless positive energy and generate it in others. Always having the time for our remote team and partnerships building, she also enjoys working with clients.

Liza doesn't shy away from difficult questions but if you ask her where she'd like to travel next, her answer will always be the same: Spain. For a countless number of times.

Natalia Sobina
Consultant | Careers in marketing and IT

Natalia would love to help you believe in yourself again and together build a successful job search strategy in Europe. Natalia moved to Belgium where she completed her master's degree in International Relations and managed to work as a student with leading consultancies. Natalia has been living in Berlin for two years now and is happy to share her experience in finding work. Her secret weapon is LinkedIn optimisation and networking.

Natalia is a big fan of all kinds of sometimes extreme sports. Over the past couple of years she has taken up snowboarding and surfing, and has also tried her hand at rafting, kayaking, canyoning and paddling. What’s next?

Ksenia Goncharova
Consultant | Corporate careers

Ksenia is an expert in all aspects of tests, interviews and assessments for consulting, finance and other professional services. She helps our clients secure a place on a graduate scheme and build a corporate career in the UK and Europe.

Ksenia always manages to keep her mind busy, even when sleeping. A lucid dreamer, she enjoys building new realities instead of having a well-deserved rest.

Andre Atallah
Consultant | Corporate careers

Andre always finds a way for our clients to get into the toughest corporate positions in London and abroad. Having been there himself, he knows exactly how to approach your application to get a job offer.

Andre has two major secrets he tends to keep to himself. First, he believes that we all live in a virtual reality universe. Second, he speaks Russian.

George Pay
Consultant | Career in Scandinavia

Ex-Google, Nike and Carlsberg employee, George specialises in careers in corporations and global agencies. George helps digital, IT, financial, project and marketing professionals land an optimal work-life balance opportunity in Scandinavian countries and Western Europe.

George feels totally fine in the urban and digital worlds and not as good in the nature. So much that he declined an offer from Lego because the town ‘seemed small’ and ‘there were too many trees even for squirrels’.

Кирилл Иванинский карьерный консультант
Kirill Ivaninskiy
Consultant | Legal career

Kirill's expertise varies from corporate to private wealth with experience across law firm and in-house roles. Originally from Siberia he moved his career to Moscow and then to London, took a challenge to start almost from scratch. He will help with a legal career path and support to overcome struggle and anxiety of constant work search and immigration matters.

Kirill's friends called him a "Daddy" after several trips due to his level of responsibility and control over small things like car rental, schedule etc., combined with his overall festive mood.

Nikolay Dyukendzhiev
Consultant | Career in Finance

Nikolai will help you achieve your career goals if you are no stranger to data analysis, budgeting, financial control and analysis. With his extensive knowledge in finance and technology, Nikolai has lived and worked in London since 2015. From tenders to automation implementation, from the film industry to digital asset management, Nikolai has seen it all.

Nikolai enjoys spontaneous travel. His friends are scattered all over the world and often invite him to festivals, trips and sporting events. This weekend Nikolai may be in Portugal and next weekend you may find him in Morocco.

Alexandra Romasheva
Consultant | Careers in Canada (Oil&Gas, IT, FMCG, Sports)

HR, Organization Development and Change Manager professional with experience in a number of areas within different industries (IT, Consulting, Oil&Gas, FMCG, Sports). 17+ years of experience working with and for multinational companies. Managing local projects and being part of international teams (worked closely with colleagues from the US, China, India, Israel, Egypt, Europe - UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.)

Vera Krysanova
Consultant | International Career in the UK, Russia & CIS

Vera uses her 17+ years of diverse HR experience in Russia & the UK to help both young and experienced professionals to develop their international careers in Russia & CIS and build a long-term plan for relocation to Europe/UK.

Vera deals well with the high pressured environment but when she needs some stress relief, experiencing fear and thrill at the same time does the job. Zip-lining in the mountains and screaming at the top of her lungs works the best at calming Vera down.

Alisa Schlosser
Consultant | Career in Switzerland

With 8+ years of experience across operations, events, marketing and partnerships working in Zurich, Switzerland, Alisa is our go-to consultant for both graduates and experienced professionals wishing to work for a Swiss company.

In her free time, Alisa enjoys a lot of creative activities from singing in a band to experimenting with various cuisines in the kitchen. However, what her friends and family appreciate even more is her passion for figuring out how the right nutrition can heal your body.

Nina Shevchenko
Consultant | Career in France

Nina moved to France to complete her master's degree and then managed to progress to become an HR Director just 3 years after graduation. With her 9+ years of well-rounded HR and immigration law experience, Nina helps our clients get a job in France and build an outstanding career there.

Nina has learnt French on her own and can convince anyone that France is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In her spare time she devotes herself to horse riding and energy practices.

Inna Agadzhanova
Consultant | Career in Belgium

Being inspired by different cultures and languages, Inna has traveled to over 35 countries and finally landed in Brussels, where she works on projects funded by the European Commission. Inna will help young graduates and experienced professionals find their career paths in the private sector as well as in EU Agencies and Associations.

Inna speaks 3 foreign languages in addition to Russian and English – French, Spanish and Dutch. She believes it’s inevitable when you live in such a multicultural environment full of expats from all over the world.

Galina Maslennikova
Consultant | Careers in fashion

Having over decade long career in fashion styling, including such glossy titles as Glamour and Cosmopolitan, as well as advertising campaigns for such brands as Puma, Casio, Samsung, etc., Galina will help you with building up a career in fashion and creative industries. She will help you stand out from other applicants by showing compelling portfolio and what to highlight in your CV, in order to get desired job offer.

One is never too old to learn. That was Galina’s thought when she learned how to swim in her 30s’. While waiting for her working visa, she learned how to sew her own clothes and now wears it to work. In her free time she teaches her rescued 5 years old sausage dog fun tricks.

Sasha Uvarova
Consultant | Data Sales

If you are interested in working in big data companies , sales , account management or business development - Sasha has quite relevant experience. Over the last 10 years, she worked for royal family’s concierge service as we well as for public companies such as the Financial Times, Dow Jones and Moodys Analytics.

Sasha is a Sales professional that can help you navigate through the industry of big data sales and get some tips and tricks when applying to public companies.

Olga Kukushkina
Consultant | Careers in marketing

Olga is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with over 7 years of experience. As a career consultant, she covers a range of areas including product marketing, digital marketing, product management, content marketing, copywriting, social media management, and marketing and communication strategies. Olga will inspire you to find the best match for your future job position and provide assistance with crafting your CV and preparing for interviews.

Olya lives in Vilnius, Lithuania (not Latvia) and runs a YouTube blog. In her free time, she has a passion for running and exploring new destinations around the world.

Andrei Logvinenko
Consultant | Jobs in law, consulting, or oil & gas

Andrei is a seasoned professional with 9+ years of experience in the energy, and commodity trading industries. Having successfully transitioned from a legal counsel to operational and commercial roles, he brings a unique perspective and a 360-degree understanding of business processes. Andrei is uniquely positioned to help those seeking to make a career change in the Netherlands or other Western European countries.

Andrei has been living in the Netherlands for 6+ years. He enjoys early morning CrossFit sessions, cooking for his girlfriend in the evenings and unwinding with TV shows or reading.

Roza An
Consultant | Graduate Career in Europe

Roza’s main occupation lies within an incredibly complex yet exciting industry, aviation. Born in Kazakhstan, she found her career path through A-levels in politics and an International Relations degree in the UK, after which she moved to Latvia to start her dream job.

Rosa encourages students and graduates to find where they belong. Whether it’s a role in sales and business development, marketing, consulting, HR, project management, or admin support – Rosa will help you land the best starting position during or after your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Polina Naimushina
Consultant | IT Career in Russia & CIS

Polina has been recruiting IT professionals for many years at large companies in Russia and the CIS, including Yandex, Grid Dynamics and Luxoft. She now lives in Israel and explores the local job market. Polina will help you look at interviews and CVs through a recruiter's eyes, find international projects or plan your career so that you eventually move to your dream country.

The most frequent question Poline gets from candidates is whether it is her real surname or a working alias:) Half-marathon running, yoga and travel help her switch from work tasks.

Ekaterina Yurina
Consultant | Marketing career in the UAE

With more than 7 years of marketing experience in international companies across France, Eastern European countries, and the UAE, Ekaterina specialises in information technology market. Having worked her way up from an entry-level position to the head of marketing at an international IT startup, she can advise on career development at all stages.

Ekaterina is fond of classical theater, art, and also she will not let you get lost in the Dubai Mall 😉

Natalia Sergovantseva
Consultant | HR - Startups

Natalia is a certified psychoanalytical coach and career consultant with over 18 years of direct HR experience with multinational banks and financial organisations, including 8 years as an HR director. She understands the nuances of career development paired with the psychological expertise to help you navigate all aspects of your professional life. Natalia also works with start-ups; her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found SoulMatcher, a psychology-based dating app that connects users based on psychological profiles.

Natalia was once hired as HR director by a French company while expecting her son under the condition that she learn to speak and read French well enough for corporate communication in less than 10 months, which she accomplished despite never having studied French previously.

Katerina Hrouda
Consultant | Career in Corporate Manufacturing

With over 5 years of experience in human resources, recruiting, and talent management, Katerina is a passionate and driven senior recruiter. Her mission is to have the right people at the right place at the right time. Katerina has worked in Fortune 500 companies and different industries while specialising in corporate manufacturing – that includes high-level roles in manufacturing industry, engineering, R&D, and all corporate supporting functions.

Fluent in four languages and having studied Latin and Ancient Greek, Katerina gets the gist of conversations in most languages no matter where it takes place. She has, however, no idea what language she sees her dreams in. This remains an unsolved mystery to this day.

Alexandra Zhasminova
Consultant | Career in IT

Alexandra is an IT Project Manager who specialises in the early and mid career transitions and international career development in the US and the US. She has over 6 years of experience in the IT Project and Product management, as well as an academic research expertise and consulting expertise.

In her free time Alexandra enjoys learning new languages and taking yoga classes.

Aliya Berkaliyeva
Consultant | Career in the USA

Aliya Berkaliyeva, an accomplished Project Manager with an impressive 7-year track record, currently serving at the prestigious footwear powerhouse, Skechers. She earned her MBA in London and pursued her American Dream in Los Angeles. Aliya understands the challenges and opportunities of the U.S. job market, making her an ideal guide for professionals and graduates. Connect with Aliya today for expert guidance in your American job search.

In her free time, Aliya finds solace in the art of pottery, molding clay into works of art. She's also an avid camper, finding joy in exploring the beauty of the great outdoors.

Anastasija Aleksejeva
Consultant | IT career in Europe

Anastasija is a Talent Acquisition Partner specialising in different areas such as IT, Engineering, Financial, Legal, Private Wealth and Assets Management, etc. She has worked as a recruiter across several countries and job markets, so she can help job seekers from different cultures and backgrounds land their dream job.

Mariya Ternovaya
Consultant | Product Owner

Mariya boasts 8+ years of product management experience, specialising in full project lifecycle oversight. Her strengths encompass requirements analysis, product strategy, and user experience. Mariya, originally from Kazakhstan, moved to the UK 12 years ago to pursue higher education at Bayes Business School in London. With a rich career spanning corporations, medium-sized firms, and startups, she's well-versed in UK and European professional cultures.

Beyond work, Mariya's interests include biohacking, psychology, yoga, fitness, travel, and Spanish studies.

Katie Suholeyster
Consultant | Tech Sector

Talent Acquisition Team Lead with international experience working across multiple industries at various Recruitment structures (agency, RPO and in-house). Katie’s main expertise is in helping scaling tech organisations by building strong international teams. Currently in charge of scaling one of the fastest-growing start-ups in France.

Almas Karshalov
Consultant | Corporate Career

A finance analyst with numerous merit-based achievements, scholarships and grants as well as rich and versatile professional track record. Almas lives and works in financial capital of Europe - Frankfurt am Main. Almas helps students and young professionals excel at all stages (corporate aptitude tests and other stages) of the selection process for internships and full-time positions.

Almas is a big fan of tennis. He is also fond of group activities and is an experienced member of Toastmasters International. Other spheres of interests are: reading, music, history, learning interesting facts about all cultures, philosophy.

[ Operations ]

We rely on the operations team for ensuring top-level business performance and smooth implementation of our ideas no matter the circumstances.

Natalia Maksimenko
Career orientation | Initial consultations

If you book a 15-min intro call with us, Natasha will be your first point of contact. Her unique story includes: a 15-year career in corporations, consultancies and tech companies, experience of moving to the US and Britain, and a career change to freelancing.

In her spare time Natasha is involved in music and sound design, loves travelling and cycling.

Angelina Liparteliani
CV Writer

Angelina supports our consulting team with writing top-class CVs and cover letters in English. She enjoys creating a document that is also a mirror of a professional self, giving the wow-effect of "Is it all me?"

Angelina strives for balance in everything. She is a regular gym member but has a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate and cakes – not something she's ready to give up.

Anna Ilyina
Website & Telegram manager

Anna works in a boutique digital agency in Russia doing link building for international companies, organises big marketing events and supports EP Advisory with blog and website management as well as job postings.

When Anna finishes work, she leads sound dynamic meditation Om Chanting that gathers dozens of people in a class.

Julia Fyodorova
Operations associate

Julia works directly with Liza, EP Advisory's CEO, following through with operations, accounting, scheduling and business development. She supports the team with ad-hoc research and data systematisation.

Both responsible and spontaneous, Julia is always up for an impromptu adventure but can't go to bed if there are still unwashed dishes in the kitchen.

Jenny Hammond
CV and Cover Letter writer

Jenny brings 15+ years of experience in UK higher education career teams. Her focus includes aiding students, graduates, and professionals in career transitions and progression, both locally and globally. Jenny also contributed editorial support to AGCAS, the UK's careers advisory services professional organization. Currently, she excels in crafting standout CVs and cover letters for EP Advisory, skillfully representing clients' unique strengths and aspirations.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys trying new activities such as paddleboarding and spending time with family and her two Siberian cats. She also loves to travel, often exploring Europe and occasionally venturing to Asia, where she's had the opportunity to visit ten different countries.

Ryan Goggin
Proofreader and CV writer

With an eye for the finer details, Ryan assists us by writing both CVs and Cover letters. By day, Ryan helps to build memorable brand strategies for exciting young tech and FMCG start-ups across Europe. He uses his creative writing background to forge stories and content that will resonate with any given target audience.

On a mission to find inspiration for his next screenplay, Ryan spends most of the year chatting to locals in the lesser-known corners of the world. Feeling like a movie night in? Look out for his name in the credits over the coming years.

Kamila Gracheva

Kamila has broad experience from graduating from the Political Science department and working on electoral campaigns to doing business development in a financial IT startup and launching the Teaching & Learning Centre at a university from a greenfield. As a hobby, she performed as a singer&improviser, while also organising improvisational theatre events in Moscow.

Akbota Kadyrbekova

Akbota is a Researcher who can help you to find a dream job in the UK or other European countries. She has over 4 years of experience in Finance, Business Valuation, as well as an academic research expertise and consulting expertise

In her spare time, Akbota teaches yoga on hammocks and also travels around the world.

Aleksei Gavrilov

Introducing Aleksei, a dedicated Researcher committed to empowering individuals in their professional journeys. With a focus on facilitating employment opportunities, Aleksei specializes in assisting people in securing fulfilling positions across Europe. Aleksei has over 4 years of experience in Project Management at the international media conglomerate and a keen interest and expertise in the game development industry.

Aleksei is getting a Master's Degree in game development in a quiet Alpine village. Hiking, board games, and classic cinema are what keep him going.

[ Marketing & Branding ]

Our strategists, creatives, analysts and marketers make sure our growing community stays engaged with relevant brand initiatives and useful content across all the platforms.

Luma Manina
Head of marketing

Luma does all things marketing – from strategy and its implementation to designing campaigns and setting up analytics. She is the go-to person in our cross-functional marketing team, always there to help.

Planning to relocate to Germany, Luma changed her official name Luda to avoid associations with a 'pimp' ('Lude' in German). She moved to the UK instead but kept the name.

Marina Kozliaeva
Graphic designer & SMM manager

Marina is responsible for all of our corporate designs – from social media and website to course materials and webinar presentations. She is also the one who makes those awesome Instagram stories.

The fact of joining our team she considers as fateful. 
While updating the checklist for moving abroad for others, 
Marina has already gained a lot of knowledge about how 
to get a job abroad. As you can see, graphic design is an inspiring job.

Alex Laguna
Creative project manager

Alex tells our clients' stories about relocation to Europe. Together with the team she showcases the most unique experiences to let you know that nothing is impossible. Her inspiration is peoples' stories.

Alex was born in Cuba and is half-Cuban, 1/3 Russian and 1/3 Ukrainian, but lived her whole life in Belarus. Even though she had been learning English for 20 years, she ended up moving to Germany in 2020 with almost no command in German. Life is very unexpected, you know.

Liza Kashevskaya
Video editor

Liza graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Now she's editing videos for our Relocation Stories channel, getting motivated to move herself.

Liza has a very active lifestyle – she enjoyes working out, dancing and cycling, but most of all she loves to travel. So much so, that she went on her first hitchhiking trip when she was 17 because she really wanted to see the sea.

Ekaterina Papatsenko
Content writer

Ekaterina is experienced in marketing and content writing. At EP, she write long and short blog posts in Russian about all the tips and tricks that help our readers find a great new job.

Ekaterina speaks English and French but not at the level she's satisfied with. She has a plan to fix that in the future – but first, she has to polish her Polish.

Nadezhda Neronova
Video editor

Nadya makes sure that our video content, whether for our YouTube channel or online course, is as easy-to-digest and timely as possible. She is also responsible for cutting out all of our consultants' "eeeeh" and long pauses.

Behind Nadya's great editing skills lies her childhood passion for filming. Nadya was a camera whizz-kid with many creative ideas that kept all her neighbours busy acting.

Alena Bondarchuk
Marketing assistant

Alena helps with office and email management. She makes sure all webinars start on time and run smoothly – from updating information on the site to the registration process and moderation during the broadcast.

Alena has a chinchilla, a cat and 2 kitties who secretly participants in every webinar. They join in, sleeping on Alena's lap and giving her the best support possible. Perks of working from home!

Jessica Suess
Author of our articles and guides in English

Jessica moved from Australia to the United Kingdom to study for a Masters in History at the University of Oxford. She then worked in the UK museums and cultural sector for 10 years and participated in managing a variety of professional development programs, such as Oxford Cultural Leaders. For the last five years, she has been living in Brazil, where she is an entrepreneur running her own business.

Jessica taught herself Portuguese to embark on the new adventure and knows what it is like to build a new life within a different culture.

[ Advisors ]

Our mentors and advisors help us run our business in the most efficient way and expand into new industries and countries.

Denis Lazarenkov
SEO, performance marketing and analytics

Denis is the main force behind SEO and performance marketing. He pushes us to follow the highest standards in lead generation and doesn't stop until we reach our full potential on Google Search.

Denis called his new dog Lapundel to stop his wife from calling him that. The dog had no choice but be happy with the name as long as there's family love and snacks.

Alexander Lushnikov
Entrepreneurship, business development and networking

Alex is a London-based entrepreneur, advising EP Advisory on key strategic decisions, enabling us to grow our business in the UK and Europe.

In 2018, Alex took on the Street Child United World Cup Marathon Challenge, which included speed-walking 14 marathons across 14 capitals of Europe in 14 days – and became obsessed. Every time we have a call with Alex, he is “out for a walk”.

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