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Level up your career with dedicated consultants. We handle documents, offer training, and prep you for interviews. 7 bespoke documents and 5 hours of consultations included.

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What's included?

Planning the process
In your first in-depth consultation, we'll set goals and deadlines.
Crafting bespoke documents
CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter – leave the tricky tasks to us. We'll show you drafts and develop them with your feedback.
Sharing the tricks of the trade
We’ll outline the best strategy for your chosen industry and country. Which jobs are right for you? How do you approach companies and start a dialogue?
Preparing you for interviews
First interview? Success! We'll share our expertise and help you prepare for the types of questions you'll face.
Boosting your confidence
Our core value is hard to describe in words. It's motivation, insider info and live feedback. We're here for you, every step of the way.

What our
clients say

“The help of EP Advisory became a turning point in my career. If you feel stuck in your job search or can’t understand what’s wrong with your CV, their experienced career advisors can help you progress in your endeavors.”

Ilya Sibikin | Berlin, Germany

Automation Integration Team Lead

“EP Advisory turned my perception of job search in London around. Their involvement in developing my career in the UK was invaluable. Thanks to EP, I now have a job in London that I used to be afraid to dream about.”

Kristina Olkhovskaya | London, UK

Lifestyle Manager

“I don't think I could’ve landed a job in such a company as Calsberg if EP Advisory hadn't helped me. With all their devotion and understanding of my needs, every penny was totally worth it. A great investment in my career.”

George Pay | Copenhagen, Denmark

Digital Marketing Manager

“EP Advisory rocks! 6 out of 5 possible stars for the service. Despite many people telling me how impossible it was to get a work permit, I secured a sponsorship job after studies in the UK thanks to their precious advice.”

Amina Zhabanova | London, UK

Audit / Accounting Trainee

This package is for you if:

You've been struggling to find jobs abroad

You want more structure in your approach

You want to ask questions to an expert

You're looking for tailored consultations

You prefer experts handling important documents

You need job skills for life, from CVs to interviews

Count on us for help at every job search stage

Guided Job Search package

Bought 1012 times, 97% of clients achieved career goals
  • Dedicated career consultant guiding youi
  • Your CV re-written by usi
  • Bespoke Cover letter and 5 tailored versionsi
  • Updated LinkedIn profilei
  • 5 bespoke LinkedIn messages for all occasionsi
  • Bespoke email job applicationi
  • 2 interview process email templatesi
Consultations and advice
  • 60-min: In-depth consultation to set your goalsi
  • 45-min: Personalised job search strategy for your industry and countryi
  • 60-min: Job application trainingi
  • 90-min: Intensive interview trainingi
  • 60-min: Support via messengers and emailsi
For UK-based customers, 20% VAT will be added to this price.
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We know what you're going through

Our global team spans 14 countries and 30+ industries. With consultants who have navigated career changes and relocations, we understand your unique challenges and provide tailored support.

Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?

You have three convenient options:

  1. If you wish to delve into your goals and our services in-depth, you can book a free 15-minute call here: This is the most tailored way to get answers and ask questions.
  2. Email us at We typically respond within 24 hours (up to 48 hours on weekends or during special circumstances).
  3. Reach out to us on our Instagram account: Expect a response within 24 hours as well.

Do you handle visas?

Regrettably, we don’t handle visas since we specialise in career consulting. However, we can aid you in finding a job, which can then lead to visa sponsorship. We provide services like CV creation, LinkedIn optimisation, cover letters, interview preparation, and more.

Which countries do you assist with job searches?

We primarily assist in most European countries, excluding certain regions with less dynamic labor markets. Our focus is strong in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavian countries. Beyond Europe, we’re actively helping in the UAE, and soon, in the USA and Canada. Helpful to note:

  • If you’re not in Europe and haven’t worked abroad, we can help you set up a plan for local work, then transition to international opportunities.
  • Even if you’re job hunting in a country we don’t operate in yet, our Career Hub is valuable. It offers CV templates, detailed LinkedIn advice, and an effective job search strategy with real examples. Learn more:

What's included in this package?

The ‘Guided Job Search’ package includes 7 written documents and 5 hours of tailored one-to-one consultations.

Our consultants create your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and networking message templates. We develop a job search strategy tailored to your needs and teach you how to find hidden opportunities in the labour market. Interview preparation is included, too. Finally, you’ll have access to the Notion tracker, where you’ll have lots of additional information on each step: how to tailor your CV to the vacancy, how to find useful contacts, how to discuss salary at the offer stage.

Two important additions:

  • The components of the package can be customised to suit you! For example, if you feel confident at the first interview and want to discuss the technical specification instead. Or if you’re ready to learn Notion-tracker job search strategies on your own, and instead of a strategy call, you want more frequent feedback on your correspondence with recruiters. We’ll allocate time for what’s most important to you.
  • We’ve included 5 hours with a consultant in this package because (based on our experience) this is usually enough to secure a job. However, if at any point you feel you want even more support, you can purchase extra hours at a discounted rate (£150 per hour instead of £215).

Can this package be tailored?

Yes, it absolutely can be tailored to suit your needs.

By default, our ‘Guided Job Search’ package includes 7 written documents and 5 hours of tailored one-to-one consultations. The components of the package can be customised to suit you. For example, if you feel confident at the first interview and want to discuss the technical specification instead. Or if you’re ready to learn Notion-tracker job search strategies on your own, and instead of a strategy call, you want more frequent feedback on your correspondence with recruiters. We’ll allocate time for what’s most important to you – simply mention this to your consultant at the first call or via email.

Who is going to work with me?

Our global career consulting team spans over 14 countries and 30+ industries. Your lead consultant will be allocated to you based on your occupation or the country you’re aiming to land a job in. We’ll give you some options during the free 15-minute intro call, and we’re also happy to discuss it if you want to switch consultants for any reason later in the process.

We also have supporting staff such as professional CV writers, native speaking proofreaders, admin team etc. If you need help with any specific request that is covered by another member of our team, we can always put you in touch with the most suitable person.

Do you connect me with companies?

As a guideline, we don’t directly introduce you to companies. We’re committed to supporting candidates and steering clear of traditional recruitment methods. While we don’t maintain partner firms for instant job connections, we might occasionally link you with industry contacts seeking employees directly.

Our focus is on teaching you how the job market functions, providing you with lifelong skills for ongoing success.

This package includes 7 written documents and 5 hours of tailored consultations.

Do you find job vacancies for me?

On this package, we don’t actively track open roles for you. However, our consultants may share a couple of relevant job links to align with your goals. Our emphasis is on training you to locate similar roles and companies, and we’re available to answer your queries throughout your job search and application process.

If you prefer delegation, explore our ‘Delegate Your Job Search’ package. We apply for roles on your behalf, aiming for 3 job interviews.

CV and LinkedIn writing – how does it work?

CV & LinkedIn writing service is performed in 4 stages.

1. CV formatting

We change the layout of your resume according to what employers want to see using our template that captures the best practice and years of our consultants’ experience.

2. Writing the compelling content

Wondering who actually writes the CV? We do. But to get from a blank page to a finalised document, we need your input and answers to our questions about your experience. First, we define your responsibilities and achievements, find correct job titles in English/German, highlight key competencies and add keywords to resonate with an employer in seconds. It then takes 2-3 rounds of iterations to produce a compelling CV.

3. Proofreading

Our native proofreaders check your CV for errors – your CV has to be mistake-free. We then send you the final version in a word doc format so you can adjust it to any relevant roles. Our clients often say, “I cannot believe that my experience and achievements sound so impressive!”

4. LinkedIn profile optimisation notes

Based on the proofread resume, we send you instructions on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile in English. The instructions cover every little detail, from URL and overall settings to every section of your profile. Once you have updated your LinkedIn profile, we will look through it again to make sure you did everything correctly and provide further improvement recommendations when needed.
In addition to your CV and LinkedIn notes, you will get a 17-page CV ebook, a 12-page LinkedIn ebook and a guide on how to adapt the CV for each role.

How can I use the hours of personalised consulting in my package?

By default, the consulting time covers our recommended set of consultations:

  • 45-min or 60-min: In-depth consultation to set your goals
  • 45-min: Personalised job search strategy for your industry and country
  • 45-min or 60-min: Job application training
  • 90-min: Intensive interview training
  • The rest of the time goes into any additional support via email or messengers.

However, we are flexible and we’ll be happy to amend the above according to your needs. For instance, we can skip or shorten some consultations so that you have more time left for ongoing support via email/messengers.

We track the time of personalised consulting in the Notion-tracker, so you will always know how many hours you have remaining.

Can I expect a job guarantee?

No, there’s no formal guarantee. Our success rate is approximately 97%, indicating strong outcomes. Our commitment is to equip you with essential tools, from documents to strategy. We guide you in job role identification, company targeting, and application, and offer interview preparation. However, final results depend on your efforts and participation in the process.

If you prefer to have guarantees, explore our ‘Delegate Your Job Search’ package. We apply for roles on your behalf, aiming for at least 3 job interviews – or give you a 50% refund.

Can I sign a contract?

When you purchase this package, you have the option to sign a contract. While not obligatory, this contract outlines our commitment and your responsibilities, maximising efficiency. By proceeding with payment, you implicitly agree to our Terms of Service. If you prefer a contract, contact us at

How long does this package last?

Our recommended collaboration duration is 6 months, extendable up to a year in unique cases. This package comprises written documents for your job search and 5 hours of consultations. These consultations can cover a variety of topics, and you can allocate them according to your needs.

Can I pay you later?

We don’t offer deferred payments, but you can opt for two instalments. You split the total amount into two payments: half at the beginning and the other half after a month. To proceed, provide your full name and bank account-linked address to We’ll send you an invoice for the initial half, which you can pay with your bank card through the Stripe link or via bank transfer.

I have a problem with the payment on your website

If your payment is not going through, please email us on with:

  • Your full name in English
  • Your address
  • The name of the service you’d like to pay for
  • The promo code if you have one

We’ll aim to send you an invoice within 24 hours which you could pay directly from your bank (as long as it’s not within the few banks that are currently affected by the EU sanctions).

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