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Experienced Communications, Marketing and Events Lead who's built a diverse international career over the past 10 years in Switzerland, Russia and Italy. Alisa's latest role was heading Operations and Communications for EF Education First in Zurich. She is happy to share her experience and insights and become your partner in helping you set foot into the door of Swiss-based companies.


Marketing, communications, project management, recruitment, event management, corporate career, consulting and more.



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I’m a great supporter of every possible way that can help someone grow, would that be career consultations, coaching, therapy or even just motivational speeches. After all, we all have different levels of awareness and different starting points. Let’s say, someone wants to start running. The only thing they might need is that final push. When they attend an event led by a motivational speaker, that’s what they get! They run marathons now, that was exactly what they needed. For someone else, the same event might have been pointless because they need to go deeper and figure out if they want to run at all or maybe they prefer jumping or swimming. Whatever the method is, if it helps someone move from point A towards their goals, it’s great. Even one centimetre of growth is already an achievement.


Sofia Teternikova
March 2022

I would highly recommend EP Advisory for their expertise and professionalism. EP Advisory give SUPER useful materials and recommendations that actually work!
January 2020

Very friendly and professional team. It is important to understand that you do not get a job, but develop skill and learn tools to get THE job you want. Particularly loved the notes I was sent after a session - still can't get over how they did it without me noticing, but found it super helpful. Simply great people to work with.
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