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About Elmira

Elmira will get you ready for an IT, tech and engineering specialist role at a global corporation, a leading tech companies or a growing start-up. Amazon, Facebook or Google in the UK, USA, Germany or Switzerland – there are no borders or obstacles in Elmira's consulting world.


IT & tech sectors as well as in-house IT & tech positions for a wide range of corporations, unicorns, and start-ups.



Look at your CV through
the employer’s eyes

From the very first glance at a CV, it’s quite clear what could be improved. There are two common ways in which IT and Tech professionals approach CVs: either the resume is 4 pages long and includes a full description of every possible training and project, or it’s basically empty – just a list of previous job roles and dates with a couple of generic phrases. In the first case, there are a lot of unnecessary details, whilst in the second scenario it’s unclear what exactly the candidate has worked with. It will be extremely difficult for an employer to understand that you are the right person for the job. Try to adapt your CV so that anyone can compare it with the job description and highlight obvious similarities within seconds.


For even more energy and motivation to action, watch the video with Elmira Maksudova.


Anna Egorova

Many thanks to the EP Advisory team and especially to Elmira for her help and professionalism. My CV has been worked out to the smallest detail and now has a very clear and understandable structure. I also want to thank you very much for the detailed LinkedIn optimization instructions. It was a pleasure to work with Elmira. I wish the whole team success, growth, and development. Thank you for helping people like me to achieve their goals.
Alexandr Krotov

I’m happy with the quality of service I’ve got from the EP Advisory. I have around 10 years of experience in the IT field and just graduated from UK university. It was a bit problematic to write a coherent and logically presented story for British recruiters just in two pages. Elmira Maksudova in close collaboration with me made it perfectly. I would like to express my gratitude to Elmira for her professionalism and wish to help me.
Mariia Andriiash

I would like to say thanks to this company and especially Elmira, who gave me the right direction and motivation. I think that I will continue to work with her to achieve my goal. There is a lot of useful information on their website and on the YouTube channel)))They do a great job)))
Dmitry M
29 July 2021

EP Advisory helped me to improve my CV and Linkedin profile. Results exceeded my expectations. I've got everything that I expected - an awesome CV and Linkedin/Xing profiles. On top of that, I started to think differently. I learned a lot from Elmira. Now I see my job from another angle. I learned what I need to do to push my company forward and how to achieve great results.
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