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Ex-Google, Nike and Carlsberg employee, George specialises in careers in corporations and global agencies. George helps digital, tech, financial, project and marketing professionals land an optimal work-life balance opportunity in Scandinavian countries and Western Europe. Be it in Danish giants like Lego and Carlsberg, Sweden's most prominent startups like Spotify and Klarna, or well-known marketing agencies in the UK. Living in Denmark himself, he knows ins & outs of Nordics’ immigration and culture.


Digital marketing & brand management (agencies & in-house), performance marketing & SEO, digital reporting & analytics, content management, large FMCG companies (Nike, Carlsberg, Superdrug), tech (Google & YouTube), agencies.


Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

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Scandinavia is for those
who treasure work-life balance

After working at two Nordic corporations – Carlsberg and Pandora – and one major agency, I can say with confidence that work-life balance is important here. It goes without saying that your working hours will depend on the industry, the company and your boss. However, in general, overworking is not encouraged and sometimes even frowned upon. Firstly, it is bad to stand out in Scandinavia. If someone works more than they should, they attract too much attention and that’s not very good for their reputation. Secondly, your involvement will depend on your family situation. As a rule, it’s usually the woman in a couple who takes children to daycare whilst the man picks them up. So most men with children leave work around 2 or 3pm, and this is perfectly normal! They may open their laptop in the evening to send a couple of emails but usually their working day ends there. All in all, in terms of work-life balance, Scandinavia is one of the best regions in the world.


For even more energy and motivation to take action, watch the video of George and the move to Europe.


Elena Konovalova
May 2022

Thanks, EP Advisory! I find very detailed instructions and companies where I can find a potential job. And personal thanks to George, Career lead, very attentive and professional. He helped me supplement my resume and change my search strategy in less than 40 minutes of consultation. His consultation helped me find a new way, and it's precious!
Lina Yuminova
May 2022

Huge thanks to EP Advisory team and personally to George Pay for career consultation, advice on how to change my CV so it would be ready to send out, and for a detailed breakdown of a possible plan on finding a job with relocation. All was extremely helpful to me in terms of sorting out the mess in my head about applying, and defining and structuring my approach to job search. Thanks a lot again, and highly recommended!
Ekaterina Faldina
Autumn 2021

The other day I had an amazing consultation with George Pay. In great detail he explained to me not only the specifics of the Scandinavian labour market, the nuances of the job search and what the risks and opportunities might be, but also told me exactly what the pros and cons of my experience were, how best to adjust it to the sought for position, what was the best way and strategy that I personally should develop. George answered all my questions, was very friendly and genuinely interested in helping me! After the consultation, George sent through a couple of links with possible options for me. Thank you so much, EP Advisory team, for such great people and great experts that you can instantly trust! Best of luck to you all!

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