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About Olya

Olga is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with over 7 years of experience. Olga will inspire you to find the best match for your future job position and provide assistance with crafting your CV and preparing for interviews. Olya lives in Vilnius, Lithuania (not Latvia) and runs a YouTube blog. In her free time, she has a passion for running and exploring new destinations around the world.

Industries covered

Product marketing, digital marketing, product management, content marketing, copywriting, social media management, and marketing and communication strategies.

Countries covered

Lithuania, Europe.

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Turning setbacks
into success stories

Your inner spirit, patience, and motivation to not give up are crucial. At one point, I applied for various internships and even came close to getting into a university in Berlin (only one point short of the budget!). However, I was unexpectedly offered a transfer to Lithuania within the same company where I was working in the St. Petersburg office of a Lithuanian startup. I became the first employee to be transferred during the pandemic when borders were closed!

Olga’s recent success stories

Start-up Developer:

QA tester Natalia changed careers to development, interviewed with 30 companies, and secured an offer at a German start-up.

Emerging Designer:

Tim shifted from journalism to design, revising his CV and strategy, resulting in two interview invitations.

Design Student:

Marie prepared with Olga for interviews and received two interview invitations, now working at an agency.

Product Marketer:

Oleg rebranded his six years of experience and landed a fully remote role at US scale-up.

London Graduate:

Nikita pursued a Master’s at the University of Exeter after four years of marketing experience, ultimately landing a job at a London fintech firm.

Marketing Executive in London:

Emma transitioned from a large corporation to a growing start-up, advancing from Senior Marketing Executive to Marketing Lead with managerial responsibilities.


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Kateryna Kononenko
23 November 2021

Working together with EP Advisory was one of the best decision I've ever made. These are true professionals, who help elevate careers to a whole new level through careful guidance, training and plan execution.
Jane Dyachenko
22 September 2021

I was working with EP Advisory for the job search in the UK and I can't be happier with the service. I highly recommend working with them.
Diana Bouskila

Let me share my story. During the pandemic and remote work, I realised that that was my chance! The decision to change careers had matured for a long time, but somehow it was not up to it. I was afraid to change anything. The lockdown helped me feel my true desires and take action. Of course, EP Advisory helped me a lot: they revealed my strengths and weaknesses and set the vector of development. They warned me it would be difficult but everything is possible. After that, there was no stopping me – I completely changed my career from an accountant to a SAP consultant. I am very grateful to EP Advisory and I recommend everyone to contact them for help! This is a professional team, they give competent advice, listen and support!
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