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Polina Naimushina


About Polina

Polina has 5 years of tech recruiting experience in large IT companies (Yandex, Grid Dynamics and Luxoft), so she will help you to look at the job search and CV through the eyes of a recruiter. She specializes in a career in IT in Russia and the CIS - she will help with both CV, interview preparation and building a career path. She will guide you by the hand to an offer 🙂 Currently, Polina lives in Israel and studies the Israeli labor market.

Industries covered

Corporate Career in IT, IT & tech consulting, career Development in Russia and CIS, career Development Options in IT & Tech, interview Training in English & Russian, CV & LinkedIn Writing.

Countries covered

Russia, CIS, Europe.

15-min intro call

Interviews are
my playground

While I know the entire hiring process like the back of my hand, interview prep is particularly close to my heart. At one point, I was running mock interviews with graduates of an executive assistant school - that meant 30 calls a day, training for both typical and atypical questions, and constantly meeting new people. Now, I love helping IT professionals (and machine learning is like magic to me!).


Videos speak better than words! Explore Polina's videos and get more confidence in working with her.


Oleg Maksimenko

Overall, I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of service of EP Advisory and the cooperation of the team which helped me to define the proper way and make a plan in the job research market.
May I add that Video training is very practical.
I am impressed by the proper reaction and appropriate feedback of the IT Career Consultant.
I wish them all the best of success.
Anna Egorova

Many thanks to the EP Advisory team and especially to Elmira for her help and professionalism. My CV has been worked out to the smallest detail and now has a very clear and understandable structure. I also want to thank you very much for the detailed LinkedIn optimization instructions. I wish the whole team success, growth, and development. Thank you for helping people like me to achieve their goals.
Dmitry M
29 July 2021

EP Advisory helped me to improve my CV and Linkedin profile. Results exceeded my expectations. I've got everything that I expected - an awesome CV and Linkedin/Xing profiles. On top of that, I started to think differently. Now I see my job from another angle. I learned what I need to do to push my company forward and how to achieve great results.
Ilya Ivanov
25 February 2023

Made a test call with specialist Polina Naymushina. I liked it, I answered the case, I did not control the duration of the call with a stopwatch 🙂
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