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With 9+ years of experience working for Accenture, BT and WhatsApp across various roles in tech & IT in the UK, Yulia will help you build a career at the leading corporations in the UK and Europe. This includes mid-senior roles as well as IT graduate schemes. Whether for IT consulting or in-house corporate IT & tech roles, Yulia will get you through the toughest recruitment processes at your dream companies.


IT & tech consulting, banking, agile/digital transformations, project management, delivery management, business operations, energy, health, data science, communications.


United Kingdom, Europe.

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Job market research
is your key to success

I often come across IT professionals who say, “I’m looking for jobs in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe``. But the efficiency of your job search depends on the depth of your research. You need to amend your CV for local peculiarities, write relevant and respectful messages to hiring managers, and prepare for job interviews within the context of local culture. As for relocation, it's always a good idea to find someone who has moved there already to learn about the challenges they had. Finally, you need to know exactly what documents or legal procedures you’re supposed to undergo to start working in the country. All in all, rather than sending out hundreds of CVs and be all over the place, I would definitely recommend you to get a very good understanding of 1-2 countries and focus on them.



When I was looking for a new job with visa sponsorship, I had difficulties at the interview stage. It was important for me to get the consultant’s advice as to what to say and not to say, and how to make my body language match what was on my mind. Together with EP Advisory, we translated my ideas into a way which was pleasant and understandable for the interviewer.
Diana Romanova

Excellent service, professional team which goes above and beyond to offer help and support in your career! Well done guys and thank you!
Alena Golubova

EP Advisory is a very professional career consulting company which helped me a lot to understand the UK job market and increase my employability chances. Every step of our work was professionally organised and the result met all my expectations. Thank you so much.
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