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We’ve rebranded: why, how and what’s next

How would you describe us?

Take a moment. What would it be? Something like ‘exciting career abroad’? Or the descriptive ‘inspiring, helpful, professional’? We are thankful if so and wouldn’t settle for anything less than that. We know how to find an exciting job in Europe. Having done it ourselves, we’ve also helped many of you achieve your professional goals. Today, we want to become even more – of a bigger size, scale, and impact.

Что такое Global Talent виза в Британию? 🤔

To us, EP Advisory stands for ‘dynamics, ambition, and courage’. It’s not what we preach but who we are. It’s what you and we share. Our new brand is about self-belief, bravery, and the sense of belonging. It’s about expanding the boundaries of what’s possible.

Welcome to the new era of EP Advisory, possibilities beyond borders.

Our story

Long gone are the days when work meant office hours from 9 to 5. Always connected, people take work everywhere they go. More often than ever, they discuss it with friends and reflect on it at home. They introduce themselves with a job role when meeting new people and use it as an excuse to be left alone. Work has become integral to people’s lives, identities and well-being.

But the employment world is stuck in a complacent reality where employers’ needs are prioritised over those of people and not many are willing to change that. We started EP Advisory to make this change happen. We wanted to give thousands of bright, intelligent, ambitious, and brave Russian speakers a stepping stone to make their dreams come true.

From our first call to the job offer, we are here for them every step of the way. Evaluating all the options, giving constructive feedback, sharing industry-specific advice, and providing practical tools to encourage them to become what they want. Whether it means another challenge, a fresh start, or a long-awaited opportunity, we push the boundaries and explore how the seemingly unreal can become real.

We are driven by a simple yet big ambition: to help Russian-speaking professionals find where they truly belong.

Our big idea

At the heart of our new brand lies the concept of possibilities beyond borders.

Its meaning translates deeper into our purpose, or why we exist as a company and why every team member is motivated to be part of EP Advisory: In a world of possibilities beyond borders, we help you find where you truly belong.

Our identity

The visual representation of our brand idea comes from constantly widening, stretching and pushing the boundaries – literally and metaphorically – and showing that there’s more to what we draw our attention at the first glance. We needed a symbol, something unique yet simple to visually express this dynamic action.

When searching for such a symbol, we were thinking a lot about how we work. We realised that the main medium of our business operations, remote set-up and client communications is the digital screen. Skype and Zoom consultations, webinars, YouTube videos, Google Meet team calls… All take place on the computer screen that has physical borders but offers possibilities way beyond them.

Our business directions

We aspire to be much more than just consultants. Our brand covers four aspects of what we already do now and where we want to develop in the future:

EP Advisory stands for the very first and primary part of our consultancy business where we help professionals and students build their careers in the UK, Europe and beyond.

[ ] – these brackets represent one-to-one work, hands-on collaboration and a sharp focus on achieving specific goals for each client. The new dark red is a continuation of our founding story but a more sophisticated choice that works well with our other colours.

EP Learn is our self-learning offering that has now grown into a separate sub-brand. It’s our knowledge base that includes everything from blog articles, YouTube videos, how-to guides, webinars to online courses. All carefully crafted and curated by our experienced team of consultants.

// – these brackets reflect the accessibility of online learning, and an opportunity to ease every step of the job search process. In a soothing and confident green that doesn’t distract but keeps you focused.

EP Network is a global community of like-minded people that we’re constantly engaging and growing with Relocation Stories videos, social media, offline events and mentorship activities.

() – these brackets symbolise a close connection within our welcoming circle, a community with common values, goals and aspirations, and members who are eager to help and support each other. In a bright and warm yellow colour, similar to what our community is like.

EP Partner (to be launched soon) is our b2b arm. To be able to truly help our clients and take on the industry of recruitment, we partner with other companies and together ease the process of job search for both employers and candidates.

<> – these brackets stand for powerful collaborations with other challenger brands and equal opportunities for both our clients and their employees, together improving their experiences. In our calm, professional and respectful blue.

Our values

To make a real difference in the career consulting industry, we all share and live by the values that guide our business decisions, operational processes and client work.

Dare to change. We don’t settle for mediocrity and always find ways to evolve.

Be #excitedbypeople. We deeply care about our network and share their stories.

Lead by example. We walk the talk and apply what we advise to others in real life.

Commit to result. We make sure we achieve the result you’re aiming for.

Your important role in our changes

EP Advisory is evolving. It’s not just fancy new lines – the new brand has been a catalyst for our website, services and internal processes that are changing, too.

We promise to be open with you and share our news, good and bad. Very soon, we’ll explain what has actually been happening with us alongside our rebranding and the world’s pandemic and why the whole process has taken so much time.

Right now, the only other thing we want to do is to thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came down to London for the photoshoot in March 2020. For being creative and brave enough to step forward in that uncertain time.

Thank you to everyone who shared their views and expertise. To our designers, advisors and strategists. Also to our parents, partners, wives, husbands, friends and therapists who kept us going despite all the ups and downs.

Thank you to our online community and clients. It is you who influence our decisions the most. Be involved and honest with us, we appreciate every comment you put in, whether a little heart emoji, a short message of support, a personal story or thoughtful feedback.

There are no words to express our deep appreciation for everyone who has taken part in this journey so far. Still, we tried and put it into our new manifesto, which is… well, about you. Because at EP Advisory, we are #excitedbypeople.

#ExcitedbyPeople: our manifesto

At EP Advisory, we are truly excited by people.

People who dare. Change-makers, go-getters, superheroes, and dreamers.

Those who go against the “musts” and “have to’s”. Those who are after their “can do’s”.

Those who want to do things differently — by exploring their ability and embracing their aspiration.

At EP Advisory, we see the power in their ambition — and the talent in their relentless curiosity. We see the beauty of who they are. And the possibility of what they will become.

Because the people who are daring enough to change, are the ones who make it a reality.

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