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Bunyod landed an Investment Analyst role in London after uni
Sasha is getting new requests from recruiters every week
Dan became a COO of a fintech startup and quit his finance job
Helena got referred to her new job by a LinkedIn connection
Max doubled response rate by messaging hiring managers directly
Maria secured a marketing role in Germany with visa sponsorship

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Free 7 day access, no credit card required
Our instructions for optimising LinkedIn
Every LinkedIn section covered
Step-by-step and easy to follow
Screenshots of real-life examples
Bonus: Upgrade to full version with a discount
Bonus: Secret LinkedIn search hack
Bonus: Q&A about LinkedIn with our CEO


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Our Career Hub contains all instructions for job searching abroad, from CVs to salary negotiations. Get a sneak peek with this free trial access to the LinkedIn section.

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Elizaveta Proselkova founder ceo ep advisory


Elizaveta Morjan,
our CEO and Founder

Ex-headhunter with 12 years of experience in the UK and Germany, Elizaveta has reviewed over 30,000 LinkedIn profiles in her career. She is the expert and the driving force behind our team of career consultants in 20 countries.

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“Very friendly and professional team. It is important to understand that you do not get a job, but develop skill and learn tools to get THE job you want. Particularly loved the notes I was sent after a session - still can't get over how they did it without me noticing, but found it super helpful!”

алексей алексеев клиент EP Advisory

Alexey Alekseev | London, UK

Aviation Consultant

“The help of EP Advisory became a turning point in my career. If you feel stuck in your job search or can’t understand what’s wrong with your CV, their experienced career advisors can help you progress in your endeavors.”

Ilya Sibikin | Berlin, Germany

Automation Integration Team Lead

“EP Advisory turned my perception of job search in London around. Their involvement in developing my career in the UK was invaluable. Thanks to EP, I now have a job in London that I used to be afraid to dream about.”

Kristina Olkhovskaya | London, UK

Lifestyle Manager

“Elmira closely explored my work experience and career expectations. She helped to enrich my CV, and now it reflects my managerial experience that was completely missed out. I also got some practical tips on how to properly use and adapt the prepared resume when looking for a job.”

Igor Sharfmesser | Munich, Germany

Senior Solutions Architect

“EP Advisory rocks! 6 out of 5 possible stars for the service. Despite many people telling me how impossible it was to get a work permit, I secured a sponsorship job after studies in the UK thanks to their precious advice.”

Amina Zhabanova | London, UK

Audit / Accounting Trainee

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Highly recommended. It's a good overview of all sections if you're a newbie. And it's free, so what do you have to lose?

Practical tips and really easy to follow. Don't expect some groundbreaking insider knowledge but it's well structured and it actually works! I've been getting messages from recruiters even though they didn't notice me before at all!

I was scared to even open LinkedIn 🙂 So intimidating, and all these posts bragging about someone's new jobs etc. But thus trial made it more accessible. I implemented it all in one day and then I was just reading the additional tips they sent through. I did upgrade to the full version later on, and I'm doing my interview prep right now.

I found these LinkedIn instructions really helpful. They are straightforward and gave me some good pointers for improving my profile and getting recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the Career Hub?

Our online Career Hub has everything you need for every stage of the job search process, including:

  • a step-by-step job search strategy that proved to be effective in 15 countries
  • a CV template and instructions to writing your own resume
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation advice and guidance to using the platform
  • templates of cover letters and unique examples written by us
  • email and message templates for everything, from efficient online networking to salary negotiations
  • job interview questions asked at Google, Amazon and other well known corporations and startups (with answers to them, of course)
  • immigration and visa guides for different countries
  • job applications trackers so you always know what you’ve sent to each company

What is the difference between service packages? Can I switch from one package to another later?

Some people find it easier to explore the Career Hub by themselves, as and when it’s needed. Others prefer to be supported by a career consultant from the start – for instance, to have a CV written by an experienced consultant or to have someone checking over their LinkedIn messages before they send them. We give you a few different options so you can choose how you prefer to do your job search.

  • Our package “Career Hub Access” includes access to our Career Hub only. There is no 1-2-1 work with a career consultant included but you can purchase a call with you separately at any stage of the process. There is also a promo code inside the Hub that allows you to upgrade to our full support packages with career consultants, so yes! You can upgrade any time.
  • “Hub + Consultation” already has one 60-minute consultation included and also allows you to upgrade to full packages.
  • Our full support packages are for experienced professionals, students and graduates. Check them out if you prefer our experts to write a perfect CV and a unique Cover letter for you; plus, help you find roles and referrals to companies in the country you wish you work in.

When can I use the 60-minute consultation if I buy "Career Hub + Consultation"?

Anytime! You will get a consultation booking button immediately after purchase. As your access to the Career Hub will be valid for 12 months, and you are welcome to book a personal consultation at any stage of your job search, from goal setting to checking your CV or preparing for interviews.

Примеры недавних кейсов Веры

Бизнес девелопер с 4 годами опыта:

Мария получила конкурентную роль в офисе международной компании в Алматы, чтобы следующим шагом переехать в Европу

Опытный руководитель проектов:

Рашид устроился в крупную международную компанию с головным офисом в США удаленно из Азербайджана

Рекрутер с 10+ годами опыта:

Алена обратилась к руководству для повышения зарплаты, получила +20% и перевелась из офиса Черногории в Лондон

Финансовый менеджер в Лондоне:

Степан стал главой по финансам в диджитал банке после работы в более консервативных структурах

Get the most out of LinkedIn

Many people see LinkedIn as a job posting platform or a social network to connect with colleagues or friends. But LinkedIn is so much more than that! During this workshop, we will look at LinkedIn as a powerful tool to build your online presence and grow your network far beyond people you already know or have met. You will learn about the important features of LinkedIn that are often underrated and will know how to optimise your profile to get job offers with minimal effort.

Елизавета рассказывает про Линкдин

This free trial is for you if:

You're applying for jobs abroad

You want to maximise the power of LinkedIn

You are expanding your LinkedIn network and want to learn how to connect with people

You want to make the search algorithm work in your favour and start getting messages from recruiters

Based on 2300+ successful cases

Get access to the unique learnings our team has developed and curated over our four years in career consulting. From CV templates to real examples of interview questions asked by Google, Amazon and TikTok — make your job search more efficient and rewarding!