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This is a payment page for our "Delegate your job search" package. Immediately after the payment, you will receive a link to book your first call with us. Exciting!

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What our
clients say

“The help of EP Advisory became a turning point in my career. If you feel stuck in your job search or can’t understand what’s wrong with your CV, their experienced career advisors can help you progress in your endeavors.”

Ilya Sibikin | Berlin, Germany

Automation Integration Team Lead

“At the first meeting with EP Advisory, we agreed on the most suitable job titles for me. They explained that changing both specialisation and country at the same time is not easy. It could take 3-6 months to find a job. Somehow it made me feel confident!”

Viktoria | Prague, Czechia and London, UK

Wealth Manager

“EP Advisory turned my perception of job search in London around. Their involvement in developing my career in the UK was invaluable. Thanks to EP, I now have a job in London that I used to be afraid to dream about.”

Kristina Olkhovskaya | London, UK

Lifestyle Manager

“I don't think I could’ve landed a job in such a company as Calsberg if EP Advisory hadn't helped me. With all their devotion and understanding of my needs, every penny was totally worth it. A great investment in my career.”

George Pay | Copenhagen, Denmark

Digital Marketing Manager

“EP Advisory rocks! 6 out of 5 possible stars for the service. Despite many people telling me how impossible it was to get a work permit, I secured a sponsorship job after studies in the UK thanks to their precious advice.”

Amina Zhabanova | London, UK

Audit / Accounting Trainee

Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?

You have three convenient options:

  1. If you wish to delve into your goals and our services in-depth, you can book a free 15-minute call here: This is the most tailored way to get answers and ask questions.
  2. Email us at We typically respond within 24 hours (up to 48 hours on weekends or during special circumstances).
  3. Reach out to us on our Instagram account: Expect a response within 24 hours as well.

Do you handle visas?

Regrettably, we don’t handle visas since we specialise in career consulting. However, we can aid you in finding a job, which can then lead to visa sponsorship. We provide services like CV creation, LinkedIn optimisation, cover letters, interview preparation, and more.

Which countries do you assist in job searches?

We assist in most European countries, excluding certain regions with less dynamic labor markets. Our focus is strong in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, France, and Switzerland. Beyond Europe, we’re actively helping in the UAE, and soon, in the USA and Canada.

Helpful to note:

  • If you’re not in Europe and haven’t worked abroad, we can help you set up a plan for local work, then transition to international opportunities.
  • Even if you’re job hunting in a country we don’t operate in yet, our Career Hub is valuable. It offers CV templates, detailed LinkedIn advice, and an effective job search strategy with real examples. Learn more:

What's included in this package?

Our Promise:

  • 3 Interview Invites: Guaranteed invitations to 3 interviews aligned with your career goals, based on our initial consultation.
  • 50% Refund Guarantee: If no job interviews secured within 6 months, receive half your payment back.
  • Positioning + Documents: In-depth consultation, customised CV, cover letter, and optimised LinkedIn profile.
  • Tailored Applications: Unlimited applications to secure 3 interviews, including document creation, outreach, and correspondence.
  • Full Visibility: Access our tracker to view applications, documents, contacts, and job search progress.
  • Interview Preparation: Comprehensive training for all stages of job interviews for 3 roles.

Our Commitment Simplified:

Get 3 interview invites, tailored documents, full visibility, and expert interview prep. If no interviews in 6 months, 50% refund.

Do you connect me with companies?

We’ll find job opportunities for you (even hidden ones) and apply on your behalf.

What guarantees do you offer?

We assure you 3 interview invitations aligned with your goals set in our initial consultation. If no interviews are secured within 6 months of our first consultation, you receive a 30% refund.

Remember, interview outcomes rely on your active participation. While we provide comprehensive interview training, your involvement is key. We’re here to support you!

Can I sign a contract?

Yes, we will be signing a contract with you before start. This contract outlines our commitment and your responsibilities, maximising efficiency. If you want to see a draft of the contract, please inquiry during your free intro call or contact us at

Can I defer payment?

We don’t offer deferred payments, but you can opt for two instalments. You split the total amount into two payments: half at the beginning and the other half after a month. To proceed, provide your full name and bank account-linked address to We’ll send you an invoice for the initial half, which you can pay with your bank card through the Stripe link or via bank transfer.

I have a problem with the payment on your website

If your payment is not going through, please email us on with:

  • Your full name in English
  • Your address
  • The name of the service you’d like to pay for
  • The promo code if you have one

We’ll aim to send you an invoice within 24 hours which you could pay directly from your bank (as long as it’s not within the few banks that are currently affected by the EU sanctions).