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Became an Audit Trainee at a large accounting practice in London with Tier 2 (General) sponsorship
Moved from London to Munich to complete a graduate programme at UniCredit
Started working as a Legal Counsel for a UHNW Family Office in London with Tier 2 (General) sponsorship
Got a graduate scheme offer to work as a Technology Business Consultant in Cerillion Technologies in London with Tier 2 (General) sponsorship
Got a last-minute Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) visa support and stayed in the UK to work as an Educational Consultant
Joined a leading recruitment and executive firm in London as a Recruitment Consultant with Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) visa support

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Access to our online Career Hub only
£195.00 £300.00
Bought 203 times (launched in March 2022)
  • 12-month access to our Career Hub
    Access to our 24/7 online Career Hub (Notion-based) with 100+ in-depth guides, templates and tools. Everything you need to land a job in Europe, the UK or the UAE, from resume to cover letters and interview preparation.
  • Step-by-step job search strategy proven by 2,300+ successful cases
    Every step of the job search abroad explained. We’ve written specific instructions based on the exact strategy that our consultants follow with each client when supporting them one-on-one in personalised packages.
  • CV template with detailed examples for each section
    The CV format and content structure developed by us, tested and improved over 4 years. Extensive instructions on what to write in each section, with real examples so that you can revamp your CV for success.
  • Real CVs written by us for clients from different industries
    Recent resumes written for students and professionals at various career levels that will empower you to create an even better CV for yourself. Skills, responsibilities, achievements, education and volunteering projects worded exactly as they should be for applying for jobs abroad.
  • Unique cover letter template with instructions on how to personalise it
    A perfectly structured cover letter with clear instructions on what to write for each paragraph so that your application hits the mark. Bonus: full cover letters that secured interviews for our clients!
  • 20+ LinkedIn messages and emails to recruiters and hiring managers
    Examples of communications for all job search stages, from cold messages on LinkedIn asking for referrals to writing a thank-you email after a job interview or making a counter-offer proposal.
  • 50+ job boards for 15 countries
    Job search sites in Europe, Britain, UAE so you can make the most of the resources available. Bonus: a job application tracker to monitor your progress, stay focused and notice which steps of the job search process are going well and what could be improved.
  • In-depth interview guide and framework for answering competency-based questions
    How to answer the trickiest interview questions at corporates and startups. The STAR technique and competency-based interviews explained.
  • Examples of interview questions and answers incl. Amazon, Google and the Big4
    Examples of questions that our clients were asked during the hiring process at well-known companies, with answers.
  • Option to book a 60min SOS call with our consultants
    Built-in option to book your SOS 60min call within the platform, at £150.00 per hour. To review your CV and cover letter or prep you for an interview!

Access to the Hub is valid for 12 months
Option to buy consultations at £150 per hour


Hub | Full support from our consulting team, including referrals
Bought 422 times, 97% of clients achieved career goals
  • Everything included in the Plus package
    12-month access to our 24/7 Career Hub that contains step-by-step instructions to each stage of the process. 100+ career how-to guides and tools to ease your job search and help you land a job in the UK, Europe or UAE. Your personal consultant for 2 hours, a new CV and a revamped LinkedIn profile!
  • FULL SUPPORT: Bespoke cover letter written by us
    An outstanding cover letter written for you from scratch by our experienced consultants, with instructions on how you can amend to your future applications. Proofreading by a native English speaker included.
  • FULL SUPPORT: Access to other consultants in our team
    You are not limited to just one person – get an input from anyone you need for your goals. Your dedicated career consultant can put you in touch with other members of our team to provide you all the necessary advice regarding another country or a specific stage of the job search process. 
  • FULL SUPPORT: Industry connections
    Introductions to a selected number of professionals in your area from our consultants’ network, including employees at large corporations and growing startups in nearly 30 countries.
  • FULL SUPPORT: +6 extra hours with your career consultant – 8 hours in total to help you with each stage of the job search process, from shortlisting vacancies to assessment day training
    In addition to massively improving your CV and LinkedIn, the consultant will spend 8 hours supporting you via messengers, emails or on calls. You can use this time to define your goals, shortlist suitable companies, figure out the best way to approach recruiters and applications, check your amended cover letters, prepare for job interviews, etc. On-demand support, answering all your job search questions.

Access to the Hub is valid for 12 months
Option to buy consultations at £150 per hour

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How we will work with you

Make the most out of 100+ step-by-step guides, templates and real examples for each stage of the job search process. Start working towards your goals by yourself or with the support of our experienced consultants.


Get 24/7 access to career hub

Explore the first sections of the hub, Roadmap to your goals and Do your research. Or book a call with your consultant if you’ve paid for Plus or Premium. Identify which country you’d like to work in and set your goals.


Set your direction and goals

Create an exceptional CV and revamp your LinkedIn profile. Do it yourself or with our help – the Plus and Premium packages include CV writing and proofreading by a native speaker of English or German language.


Improve your personal brand

Learn how to approach employers directly and boost your online networking skills. Make the most out of LinkedIn/Xing to achieve your goals faster.


Think of your strategy

Scary yet exciting, right? We are here if you need help with your cover letters, application forms, tests or any other forms of screening you need to go through.


Move onto your job applications

Almost there! Make sure you use all the advice in our career hub to prepare for the next stages – whether that’s a phone interview, a video call, or a face-to-face meeting. Or schedule a mock interview with your consultant. Get the job offer you want.


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Meet our consultants

Equally brilliant and trusted, our career consultants will help you get a job in a sector and country of your choice. Find out more about their areas of expertise.

Viktoria Popova
🇬🇧 UK Graduate Career in Start-ups & SMEs

📍 London, UK


Beware everyone who believes it's impossible for international students to get a job in the UK. Viktoria proves you wrong, helping graduates successfully kick-off their careers in London, Manchester and Liverpool. She is known to help young professionals secure job and visa sponsorship at professional services, finance, creative, HR, marketing, media, or real estate firms.



Ksenia Goncharova
🇬🇧 UK Student & Graduate Corporate Career

📍 London, UK


With a track record of building a Big4 consulting career in London, Ksenia will support you in all aspects of corporate recruitment and selection process, from tests to assessment centres and interviews. Ksenia's clients secure positions at the top consulting, banking, finance, research & benchmarking and energy companies and international organisations in the UK, Germany and Russia.


UK Europe

Andre Atallah
🇬🇧 UK Student & Graduate Corporate career

📍 London, UK


Ex-Allianz and Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Andre always finds a way for our clients to get into the toughest corporate positions in London. Having been there himself, he knows exactly how to approach your application to get a job offer in Big4. financial services, oil & gas, insurance as well as real estate and property development sectors.



Elmira Maksudova
🇬🇧 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 International Career in IT & Tech

📍 London, UK


Elmira will get you ready for an IT, tech and engineering role at a global corporation, a leading tech companies or a growing start-up. Amazon, Facebook or Google in the UK, USA, Germany or Switzerland – there are no borders or obstacles in Elmira's consulting world.


UK Netherlands Russia

Switzerland Germany USA


Kirill Ivaninskiy
🇬🇧 🇷🇺 Legal Career in the UK & Russia

📍 London, UK


Kirill will support you in starting or developing your legal career in the UK and Russia, covering both roles at the leading law firm as well as helping you to explore your in-house legal career options. With his background working for Family Offices, banks and law firms, he will help you secure the right legal position.


UK Russia

Alexandra Samodova
🇩🇪 Professional Services Career in Germany

📍 Düsseldorf, Germany


Ex-E.ON, Henkel and Deloitte employee, Alexandra uses her experience of working with Germany-based global companies to help you relocate to Germany or develop your corporate careers there, no German language required. Her expertise covers finance and corporate functions of services providers as well as jobs in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and energy.



Elena Lvova
🇵🇱 🇨🇿 🇪🇪 Professional Services Career in Eastern Europe

📍 Warsaw, Poland


Ex-Mckinsey Elena will help you place Eastern & Central European countries on map in your career search – helping you secure a job at the leading companies from Big3 and Big4 to FedEx, Google and Wipro. She brings 7 years of people development & HR experience in professional services sector and relentless drive for making people realise their potential. Elena is also a certified coach practitioner.


Czechia Poland Lithuania

Latvia Estonia

Eka Vankova
🇬🇧 🇪🇺 Marketing Career in the UK & Europe

📍 London, UK


Eka will support you in developing your marketing career in the UK, whether at a well-established brand or an early-stage start-up, agency or in-house. Even though marketing industry is known as challenging to get into and highly competitive, Eka still manages to maintain a 100% success rate amongst her clients.


UK Russia

Nina Startseva
🇳🇱 🇦🇪 Career in the Netherlands & UAE

📍 Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Nina started her career path in the United Arab Emirates and after getting enough sunshine in the desert, she decided to relocate to the rainy Netherlands. With her recruitment background, Nina has access to the most up-to-date information on what employers are looking for and will help you navigate through Middle Eastern and Dutch markets with ease.


The Netherlands UAE

Inna Agadzhanova
🇳🇱 🇦🇪 Career in the Netherlands & UAE

📍 Brussels, Belgium


Being inspired by different cultures and languages, Inna has traveled to over 35 countries and finally landed in Brussels, where she worked on projects funded by the European Commission. Inna will help you find your career path in the private sector as well as in EU Agencies and Associations.


Belgium EU countries

Vera Krysanova
🇷🇺🇬🇧 International Career in Russia, CIS & the UK

📍 London, UK


A seasoned HR Business Partner with 15+ years' experience across the finance, real estate and technology sectors in Russia and the UK, Vera's been enabling hundreds of diverse professionals to make the right next career move. With her background of working with Dell, IHG, Hard Rock and PE funds, she will help you develop or advance your international career in Russia & CIS and build a long-term plan for relocating to the UK or Europe.


UK Russia

Alisa Schlosser
🇨🇭 Career in Switzerland

📍 Zurich, Switzerland


Experienced Communications, Marketing and Events Lead who's built a diverse international career over the past 10 years in Switzerland, Russia and Italy. Alisa's latest role was heading Operations and Communications for EF Education First in Zurich. She is happy to share her experience and insights and become your partner in helping you set foot into the door of Swiss-based companies.



Ekaterina Shevljuga
🇬🇧 🇪🇺 Corporate & Academic Career in the UK & Europe

📍 Oslo, Norway


Ex-KPMG and Bloomberg employee Ekaterina will support you in developing your corporate career in finance, audit and fashion or academic career and get you ready for all the stages of the job application process in Norway, Germany, the UK and Italy. Based on her own example of changing careers and countries, Ekaterina will help you realise that nothing is impossible for those who dare.


UK Norway Germany Italy

Roza An
🇪🇺 Career in Europe

📍 Riga, Latvia


Having 5+ years of career in sales Roza will support you in laying the foundation of your career path in Europe and the UK. She will help you to identify your strongest talents and find the best application for them in the areas of sales, business development, marketing, consulting, HR, project management or admin support.


Europe UK

Polina Naimushina
🇷🇺 IT Career in Russia, CIS & Israel

📍 Tel Aviv, Israel


Polina has 5 years of tech recruiting experience in large IT companies (Yandex, Grid Dynamics and Luxoft), so she will help you to look at the job search and CV through the eyes of a recruiter. She specializes in a career in IT in Russia and the CIS - she will help with both CV, interview preparation and building a career path. She will guide you by the hand to an offer 🙂 Currently, Polina lives in Israel and studies the Israeli labor market.


Russia CIS Israel

Nina Shevchenko
🇫🇷 Career in France

📍 Normandy, France


With 9 years of recruitment & HR experience, Nina sees no obstacles in achieving her professional goals. She moved to France to complete her master's degree and then managed to progress to become an HR Director just 3 years after graduation – the fastest amongst her fellow graduates. With her well-rounded HR and immigration law expertise, Nina will share her knowledge with you of how to get a job in France and build an outstanding career there.



Yulia Samoylova
🇬🇧 🇪🇺 Corporate IT & Tech Career

📍 London, UK


With 9+ years of experience working for Accenture, BT and WhatsApp across various roles in tech & IT in the UK, Yulia helps young and experienced IT professionals to build careers at the leading corporations in the UK and Europe. This includes mid-senior roles as well as IT graduate schemes.


UK Europe

Frequently asked questions

I have a problem with the payment on your website

If your payment is not going through, please email us on with:

  • Your full name in English
  • Your address
  • The name of the service you’d like to pay for
  • The promo code if you have one

We’ll aim to send you an invoice within 24 hours which you could pay directly from your bank (as long as it’s not within the few banks that are currently affected by the EU sanctions).

What is included in the Career Hub?

Our online Career Hub has everything you need for every stage of the job search process, including:

  • a step-by-step job search strategy that proved to be effective in 15 countries
  • a CV template and instructions to writing your own resume
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation advice and guidance to using the platform
  • templates of cover letters and unique examples written by us
  • email and message templates for everything, from efficient online networking to salary negotiations
  • job interview questions asked at Google, Amazon and other well known corporations and startups (with answers to them, of course)
  • immigration and visa guides for different countries
  • job applications trackers so you always know what you’ve sent to each company

What is the difference between service packages? Can I switch from one package to another later?

Some people find it easier to explore the Career Hub by themselves, as and when it’s needed. Others prefer to be supported by a career consultant from the start – for instance, to have a CV written by an experienced consultant or to have someone checking over their LinkedIn messages before they send them. We give you a few different options so you can choose how you prefer to do your job search.

  • Our BASIC package includes access to our Career Hub only. There is no 1-2-1 work with a career consultant included but you can purchase a call with you separately at any stage of the process. There is also a promo code inside the Hub that allows you to upgrade to the PLUS, PREMIUM or FULL SUPPORT package, so yes! You can upgrade any time.
  • The PLUS packages includes 2 hours of support by our consultants. That could be arranged in any format you’d like, for example via video calls or WhatsApp messages or emails. We would normally recommend that you book a call with your consultant at the start to put together an action plan for your job search. In addition to that, your CV and LinkedIn will be completely re-done by us, since your personal brand is the key to get noticed by recruiters.
  • We also have two packages that cover all your needs from start to finish, PREMIUM and FULL SUPPORT. The difference is that PREMIUM is for experienced professionals and includes 4 hours of consultant’s support plus a cover letter. FULL SUPPORT is for students and recent graduates and features 8 hours of support along with a new cover letter. Based on our experience, students and graduates need a little bit more time to start searching for their first full-time job, especially if that’s in a new country and a foreign job market. Hence we’re offering as much as eight hours with a professional career consultant!

How can I use the hours of personalised consulting in my package?

The number of hours of personalised consulting in each package go in addition to the list of fixed deliverables (e.g. New CV, Updated LinkedIn profile, Cover Letter template) to better respond to your unique needs in preparing for every stage of your job search and application process.To achieve the best result, we recommend that you divide the allocated hours of personalised consulting to:


  • Discuss your job options, employer types, visas etc.
  • Formulate the best job search strategy, including the use of LinkedIn
  • Prepare for interview and assessment centre training in English or German
  • Review additional cover letters, application forms, LinkedIn messages, email comms with a recruiter etc.
  • Get your documents proofread by a native English/German speaker
  • Cover additional questions, from visas to a job role, via WhatsApp/Email support


We track your time of personalised consulting – and you will always know how many hours you have remaining.

CV and LinkedIn writing – how does it work?

CV & LinkedIn writing service is performed in 4 stages.

1. CV formatting

We change the layout of your resume according to what employers want to see using our template that captures the best practice and years of our consultants’ experience.

2. Writing the compelling content

Wondering who actually writes the CV? We do. But to get from a blank page to a finalised document, we need your input and answers to our questions about your experience. First, we define your responsibilities and achievements, find correct job titles in English/German, highlight key competencies and add keywords to resonate with an employer in seconds. It then takes 2-3 rounds of iterations to produce a compelling CV.

3. Proofreading

Our native proofreaders check your CV for errors – your CV has to be mistake-free. We then send you the final version in a word doc format so you can adjust it to any relevant roles. Our clients often say, “I cannot believe that my experience and achievements sound so impressive!”

4. LinkedIn profile optimisation notes

Based on the proofread resume, we send you instructions on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile in English. The instructions cover every little detail, from URL and overall settings to every section of your profile. Once you have updated your LinkedIn profile, we will look through it again to make sure you did everything correctly and provide further improvement recommendations when needed.
In addition to your CV and LinkedIn notes, you will get a 17-page CV ebook, a 12-page LinkedIn ebook and a guide on how to adapt the CV for each role.

What is a cover letter template and why do I need one?

A Cover letter template is one of our most important deliverables that are essential to your job search and application process. We write a Cover letter template personalised to your positioning and job search strategy. You can then use this template as a starting point and key guide for your multiple job applications.
We make sure you fully understand how to work with your Cover letter template most efficiently when applying for different jobs. That’s why this service includes the following process:

  • We create a personalised template based on your experience and career goals.
  • You pick one live job ad and use our template to create a draft of a tailored cover letter.
  • We study the draft, make amendments if required, providing you with further recommendations (this can take 1-3 drafts).
  • Once we finalise your tailored cover letter for the job you picked, we send it to a native speaker for proofreading.
  • You then receive the proofread tailored cover letter you can use as an example for future applications as well as the template you originally received.

How long will it take to write my CV/cover letter/LinkedIn messages?

It largely depends on your schedule and how fast you reply to our consultant’s questions and return the drafts to us. Here is the usual timeframe:

  1. CV & LinkedIn writing service (CV & LinkedIn profile optimisation) takes 5-7 working days.
  2. Cover Letter writing and editing take 3-4 working days per cover letter.
  3. LinkedIn message tailored templates creation takes 1 working day.

How can I get in touch with you if I have a question?

There are 3 options to get in touch with us:

  1. If you wish to speak directly to a career consultant and, for instance, ask about your chances to land a job abroad or about their expertise, you can pick a consultant here and book a free 15-minute call with them. We offer one free call with a consultant per person, so we would really appreciate it if you respect our experts’ time and only sign up to speak to one consultant. Thank you!
  2. If you need some technical assistance or have any questions related to our packages, please email our customer care team at
  3. If you prefer social networks to the old-school emails, simple message us on Instagram @ep_advisory 🙂