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At EP Advisory, we are truly excited by people.
People who dare. Change-makers, go-getters, superheroes, and dreamers.

Those who are brave enough to doubt where they are today. And imagine what tomorrow
might be like. Those who can dream in the daylight. And let those dreams keep them up at night.
Those who go against the “musts” and “have to’s”. Those who are after their “can do’s”.
Those who want to do things differently — by exploring their ability and embracing their aspiration.

At EP Advisory, we see the power in their ambition — and the talent in their relentless curiosity.
We see the beauty of who they are. And the possibility of what they will become.

Because the people who are daring enough to change, are the ones who make it a reality.

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who dare

No two stories are the same. Matvei left the big consulting world for better work-life balance in a tech company. Anna got a work permit on the last day of her student visa. Maria persevered through all possible ups and downs to settle down in her happy place. Ilja relocated to London, and Pavel chose to go back from Europe to Russia.

No two stories are the same. And yet, our clients are all part of one story. They aim high, work hard, and never give up.

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