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Why the Netherlands?

A high standard of living, a developed culture and social guarantees – yes, yes, it's all about the Netherlands. Do you dream of immigrating to the Netherlands and building an international career there? If yes, then join our free webinar. Andrey Logvinenko, a career consultant in the Netherlands, will help to start this path. Andrey has many years of experience in recruitment and has the most up-to-date information about the labor market in Europe.

Who is the webinar for:

You want to work for the world's leading corporations

You are a recent graduate from university and are looking to find a corporate graduate job

You are an experienced professional with fluent English

You are exploring ways of moving to Europe

Join the free webinar to learn:

What are the latest job market updates and industry developments?
Which competencies are most in-demand for both experienced and junior professionals in the Netherlands?
Which visa options are available for non-EU skilled professionals?
What are the most common mistakes applicants make when looking for a job in the Netherlands and how to avoid them?
Which job search strategy in the most effective when it comes to finding a new position in the Netherlands?
What job search strategy works the best in this country?
How to write a CV that will get noticed by recruiters?
What are the main misconceptions about the local language, infrastructure and attitude towards Russian-speaking people?

The webinar speaker

Andrei Logvinenko

Career Consultant in the Netherlands


Andrei is a seasoned professional with 9+ years of experience in the energy, and commodity trading industries. Having successfully transitioned from a legal counsel to operational and commercial roles, he brings a unique perspective and a 360-degree understanding of business processes. Andrei is uniquely positioned to help those seeking to make a career change in the Netherlands or other Western European countries.

Fun fact

Andrei has been living in the Netherlands for 6+ years. He enjoys early morning CrossFit sessions, cooking for his girlfriend in the evenings and unwinding with TV shows or reading.

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