How to stay in the UK after studies

Understand the specifics of the graduate recruitment market in the UK and what has changed for young professionals after COVID-19.
*This webinar is hosted in Russian.

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Graduate recruitment market at a glance

How to get your first job in the UK? What employers are looking for when it comes to unexperienced and young professionals? Viktoria Popova, who has already helped hundreds of students to get a job in the UK, will tell you in detail about the first steps and common mistakes.

Viktoria Popova about graduate careers in the UK

Who is the webinar for:

You are an undergraduate or postgraduate international student currently studying in the UK

You are actively applying for entry-level and graduate jobs in the UK but you keep getting refusals or no responses at all

You have graduated from the UK university and went back to your home country because you couldn't find a job

You feel demotivated and frustrated with the whole job search process and you are almost ready to give up

Join our free webinar and learn:

Why are companies still hiring interns and junior specialist during the pandemic?
How to get noticed by UK employers?
What is the difference between entry-level jobs and graduate schemes?
What can you do today to advance in your job search and get results?
What is your competitive advantage and how to use it?
How to optimise your LinkedIn profiles to get job offers directly into your inbox?
Why will networking bring more results than job sites?
What are the main mistakes 90% of graduates make when looking for a job in the UK?

The webinar speaker

Viktoria Popova

Career Consultant | Start-ups & SMEs


Beware everyone who believes it's impossible for international students to get a job in the UK. Viktoria proves you wrong, helping graduates successfully kick-off their careers.

Fun fact

Viktoria secretly loves Russian folk music. So if you ever think of playing Nadezhda Kadysheva at your party, she's your DJ.

“I really enjoyed working with EP Advisory! They really helped me rewrite and tidy up my CV. I received valuable career development advice and together we worked out a job search strategy according to my experience and skills. I recommend it to all students who need advice at the initial stage of their career.”
Indira Marketing
Индира автор отзыва про EP Advisory
“Professional and qualified staff. Victoria was my consultant. I received a lot of useful advice and information that I did not know before. Knowledge about the effective use of LinkedIn for job search purposes was especially helpful.”
Roman Legal
“Thank you EP Advisory team for making me believe in myself and look at my experience differently. I never expected my LinkedIn profile to start working as soon as I updated it as advised. I will definitely recommend the EP Advisory team to all of my contacts who want to find a job in England and other countries!”
Anastasiia Project Manager
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