IT & Tech: building a career after the pandemic

Find out how the pandemic has affected the IT professional market in the UK and Europe, and start receiving job offers today.
*Webinar is hosted in Russian.

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The easiest way to land an IT or tech job after the pandemic

Over the past two years, Brexit and Covid-19 spikes have happened in the UK and Europe. However, the UK tech job market has grown 35% during the pandemic. Investment in IT and technology development has surpassed pre-pandemic record levels of more than $ 15 billion. This is more than the sum of investments in Germany and France. In European countries (especially Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands) there is also an active increase in the number of vacancies - from 7 to 36%.

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Web developers

Mobile developer

System engineers

Product manager

Project managers

Systems analysts

Business analysts


Data engineers

Cyber security professionals

Join our free webinar and learn:

Which IT specialists are in demand right now?
How the hiring trends (diversity, leadership, and remote working) are driving tech companies?
How do startups, scale-ups, unicorn companies and corporations in the UK and Europe seek highly qualified IT professionals for their teams?
IT and tech jobs in Europe with Elmira Maksudova

The webinar speaker

Elmira Maksudova

IT Career Consultant


Elmira is our go-to consultant for IT, tech and engineering professionals and students. With the expected precision, she helps them with job search in leading tech companies.

Fun fact

Elmira fears nothing except her vivid imagination. When snowboarding in Colorado, she was more afraid of meeting a bear out of hibernation mentioned as a joke than going down a 4500m high icy slope.

“Elmira blurs the boundaries between countries and continents, helping people to better understand each other. I recommend that anyone who wants to develop their career internationally should consult Elmira. This service is of high quality and well worth the money.”
Denis Chief Technology Officer
“Elmira carefully studied my work experience and career expectations. I received practical advice on how to properly use and adjust a resume when looking for a job. Thanks to Elmira, my resume now reflects my managerial experience that was not listed before. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
Igor Head of Engineering

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