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IT & Tech: building a career abroad

Understand the specifics of IT & tech job search in the UK and Europe and start getting job offers in your inbox today.
*Webinar is hosted in Russian.

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1.5 hours

The easiest way to land an IT or tech job abroad

Advertised roles in the digital tech sector in the UK have grown 40% over the past two years with more than 90,000 jobs advertised in August 2020 alone. UK tech employs 2.93m people, while German tech employs 1m people. Start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns and corporations in the UK and Europe are desperately trying to find top-class specialists for their growing teams. Join our free webinar to learn how to get noticed by international recruiters and get job offers within just weeks of starting the search process. Relocation has never been easier, go for it!

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Programme Managers

Network Experts

Technical Directors

Project Managers

Software Testers

Information Security Specialists

Development Team Leaders

Product Managers

Business Analysts

Join our free webinar and learn:

Did job search websites become a thing of the past?
'I've contacted recruiters to say that I am open for suggestions' – what's wrong with this approach?
What is a hidden job market and how to get access to it?
Can you apply for another job at the same company if you have been previously rejected?
What is the difference between applying for IT & tech jobs in large corporations, SMEs and startups?
Why do 85% of employers check LinkedIn profiles of prospective employees?
IT and tech jobs in Europe with Elmira Maksudova

The webinar speaker

Elmira Maksudova

IT Career Consultant


Elmira is our go-to consultant for IT, tech and engineering professionals and students. With the expected precision, she helps them with job search in leading tech companies.

Fun fact

Elmira fears nothing except her vivid imagination. When snowboarding in Colorado, she was more afraid of meeting a bear out of hibernation mentioned as a joke than going down a 4500m high icy slope.

“Elmira blurs the boundaries between countries and continents, helping people to better understand each other. I recommend that anyone who wants to develop their career internationally should consult Elmira. This service is of high quality and well worth the money.”
Denis Chief Technology Officer
“Elmira carefully studied my work experience and career expectations. I received practical advice on how to properly use and adjust a resume when looking for a job. Thanks to Elmira, my resume now reflects my managerial experience that was not listed before. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
Igor Head of Engineering

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