LinkedIn is more than a CV

Learn what LinkedIn can do for your job search and why 67% of our customers find work using this network (spoiler: NOT via the Jobs section).

* The webinar is held in Russian.

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Елизавета Проселкова ведет вебинар о карьере за рубежом



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1.5 hours

Get the most out of LinkedIn

Many people see LinkedIn as a job posting platform or a social network to connect with colleagues or friends. But LinkedIn is so much more than that! During this workshop, we will look at LinkedIn as a powerful tool to build your online presence and grow your network far beyond people you already know or have met. You will learn about the important features of LinkedIn that are often underrated and will know how to optimise your profile to get job offers with minimal effort.

Елизавета рассказывает про Линкдин

This webinar is for you if:

You want to receive job offers from recruiters and hiring managers

You want to know how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and make the search algorithm work in your favour

You are expanding your professional network and want to learn how to reach out to people on LinkedIn

You are building an international career as a recent graduate, an experienced specialist or a top manager

Join our free webinar and learn:

Why should LinkedIn be a vital part of your job search process?
What influences your LinkedIn profile rating and why is the rating important?
All-star: how to optimise different profile sections (URL, Photo, Headline, About, Skills) with examples?
What hidden opportunities can LinkedIn provide you with in terms of job search?
What is the best way to add new contacts to LinkedIn, including people you have never met before?
Should you write "I am looking for a job" in the Headline section?
Why not fill in the Add note field when adding people to LinkedIn?

The webinar speaker

Elizaveta Proselkova

Founder & CEO


Elizaveta is the driving force behind EP Advisory. She has an ability to radiate endless positive energy and generate it in others. Always having the time for our remote team and partnerships building, she also enjoys working with clients.

Fun fact

Liza doesn't shy away from difficult questions but if you ask her where she'd like to travel next, her answer will always be the same: Spain.

“Я нашел столько ошибок в моем профиле, очень многое изменил и добавил. Спасибо, что объяснили настройки и особенности LinkedIn.”
Василий Капитонов Instrumentation Engineer
“Уже много лет использую LinkedIn каждый день, но всё равно узнал много нового из курса по LinkedIn от EP Advisory! Теперь улучшаю свой профиль и повышаю активность.”
Джейсон Вайсс COO & Dealflow Manager

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