Moving to the Netherlands

Want to work at a global company? Love cycling and rain? You can have it all! Find out more about popular jobs in the Netherlands, visas and local culture.

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Moving to the Netherlands without knowing Dutch? Easy!

Tesla, Netflix, Google and Uber are attracting thousands of international professionals every year. From design and creative to customer success and data science specialists – watch the recording of our webinar and get a job that suits you best.

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Who is the webinar for:

You want to work in Europe but speak only English as a foreign language

You want to work for a tech giant or a rapidly growing innovation start-up in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, den Hague or another Dutch city

You are a professional, executive, student or graduate building an international career

You love bicycles and rain

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What makes the Netherlands so attractive?
What companies are most popular in the Netherlands?
When and how to discuss a visa with an employer?
What kind of specialists are in-demand?
What visas are available in the Netherlands?
Where is the best place to search and apply for jobs?
What mistakes can you avoid when submitting a CV for an open position?
What to focus on when searching for a job?

The webinar speaker

Aleksandra Kosintceva

Career Consultant | The Netherlands


With the expertise in career development, CV writing and interview preparation, Aleksandra helps young and experienced professionals to better position and present themselves when looking for a job in the Netherlands.

Fun fact

Sasha cannot live without dancing and loves everything about it. She has recently picked up a ballet course after a 20-year break. We admire her for this move!

“I was very pleased to work with EP Advisory – their recommendations are always accurate and to the point. My questions were answered quickly and they always found time for me.”
Matvei Consulting
матвей клиент ксении гончаровой
“I would like to definitely recommend EP Advisory. Together we made a fantastic CV that meets all the western requirements. We also amended my LinkedIn and XING profiles. There is only one thing I would have done differently - I wish I would have contacted EP Advisory much earlier, say, 10 years ago.”
Denis Account Manager, IT

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