Relocation and job search in Belgium

Inna will share the most important peculiarities of job search in Belgium along with information about Belgian visas for non-EU job seekers.
*The webinar is hosted in Russian

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1.5 hours

All about building career
in the heart of EU

Belgium gives job seekers plenty of opportunities to build careers in private sector as well as at non-commercial institutions and agencies of the European Union. Inna is going to explain how to prepare for the job search process in Belgium and land your dream job.
Watch Inna's story of relocation (in Russian).

Who is the webinar for:

You would love to relocate to Europe and get some job experience in a multinational environment

You want to find out how to get a work permit in Belgium and what visa types are available

You are an experienced professional and you enjoy learning about new cultures and languages

You are studying at university and hope to land an internship in the EU

Your dream is to be involved with social innovation projects and be real value to society

You want to better understand EU processes and find out all about candidate screening at EU bodies

Join our free webinar and learn:

What jobs are in demand in Belgium?
What languages are widely used?
What are the most important factors for Belgian employers?
Which visas allow you to work?
Why move to Belgium?
What are the differences between the candidate selection process in private sector vs at EU bodies?

The webinar speaker

Inna Agadzhanova

Career consultant @ EP Advisory


Being inspired by different cultures and languages, Inna has traveled to over 35 countries and finally landed in Brussels, where she works on projects funded by the European Commission. Inna will help young graduates and experienced professionals find their career paths in the private sector as well as in EU Agencies and Associations.

Fun fact

Inna speaks 3 foreign languages in addition to Russian and English – French, Spanish and Dutch. She believes it’s inevitable when you live in such a multicultural environment full of expats from all over the world.

“EP Advisory rocks! 6 out of 5 possible stars for the service. Despite many people telling me how impossible it was to get a work permit, I secured a sponsorship job after studies thanks to their precious advice.”
Amina Zhabanova Accounting Trainee
“I particularly liked the notes on preparing for the interview that the EP team sent me after my individual training - I still can’t wrap my head around how they did it, because I never saw them take any.”
Alexey Alexeev Aviation
алексей алексеев клиент EP Advisory
“The help of EP Advisory became a turning point in my career. If you feel stuck in your job search or can’t understand what’s wrong with your CV, their experienced career advisors can help you progress in your endeavours.”
Ilya Sibikin Automation Integration Team Lead

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