Moving to and working in Germany

Want to work in Germany but have no German language skills? Not a problem! Find out all about the specifics of the German labour market, visas and most in-demand English-speaking jobs.
*The webinar is hosted in Russian.

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Alexandra Samodova hosting a webinar about relocation and jobs in Germany



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Herzlich willkommen in Deutschland

Whether you are only thinking of moving to or already residing in Germany, the job search process could be very frustrating. Join our free webinar to learn is the best and most efficient way to look for English-speaking jobs and what to expect at every stage of the recruitment process in Germany.

Who is the webinar for:

You are looking for a new job in Germany and don’t speak the German language

You want to know how the recruitment process works in Germany from A to Z

You want to find out how to get a work permit in Germany and which types of German work visas exist

You are an experienced professional with several years of experience who holds a university degree

Join our free webinar and learn:

What are the pros and cons of working and living in Germany?
Why did Germany become an attractive country for experienced professionals?
How to search for English-speaking jobs on LinkedIn, Xing, Glassdoor, and company websites?
How does the recruitment process work in Germany?
Whether the knowledge of German required for job search and working or not?
How to get in touch with potential employers directly?
Alexandra Samodova hosting a webinar about careers in Germany

The webinar speaker

Alexandra Samodova

Career Consultant | Germany


Alexandra uses her experience of working with German-based global companies to help young and experienced professionals relocate to Germany or develop their corporate careers there.

Fun fact

With her passion for tennis, Alexandra dreams of making it to Wimbledon. Not as a player though. But don't get it wrong – she is a sports aficionado and easily runs 10k.

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