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Ex-Allianz and Gazprom Marketing & Trading employee, Andre always finds a way to help clients get into the toughest corporate roles. Having been there himself, he knows exactly how to approach your application to get a job offer at world-renowned companies whether it's within a graduate scheme or an executive leadership team.

Industries covered

Big4, banking, hedge funds, oil & gas, insurance, financial markets, real estate and property development, engineering and construction, and legal.

Countries covered

United Kingdom, Europe

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Energy is
more important

In every interview you ever do, what’s actually important is the way you give your answers. Even though the content is important, it still wouldn’t save me if I give a very technically detailed answer but I’m looking at the floor and I’m not understanding how much detail is needed. It’s far better to give less detail, to look at the interviewer to see how they’re feeling and interact with them. At the end of the day, they’re looking at you and they’re thinking, “Do I want to work with this person for potentially the next ten years?”. You need to come across as a likeable person in order to get hired.


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Olga Dienzhonkova

Vodafone London Full-time

I just found out that I got my Tier 2 visa approved by a company that initially didn't even want to do Tier 5. I was talking to and pushing the manager for 3 months and he finally agreed and described my position in a way that it fit perfectly under Tier 2, even though 2 weeks ago he said that my position did not fit under that visa. And this is thanks to the excellent work of EP Advisory. My CV is absolutely universally praised and cited as an example. And probably another good indicator is that I am the only one from my course who found a job during this pandemic and a job that is willing to do my visa. Thank you and your team for a great job 🤗
Olga Tolstaya

Vodafone London Full-time

I found out about EP Advisory through a recommendation and asked them about the current UK visas to determine my strategy. The team is very professional and pleasant. Special thanks to the consultant Andre Atallah with whom I had a conversation. I received very informative answers to my questions. As I progress with my relocation plans, I will definitely turn to the specialists of this company for help.
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