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About Eka

Eka herself has successfully obtained a work visa in Britain three times. With her 8 years of experience in PR, she now works at a British insurance company as a high-level SEO and content consultant. At the same time, she helps others to build their careers in marketing in different parts of Europe. It's one of the most competitive industries, but that doesn't scare Eka or her clients – together they successfully go through the long selection processes and succeed!

Industries covered

Marketing, communications, social media marketing, email marketing, event management, SEO, PR, product marketing.

Countries covered

United Kingdom, Europe

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Don’t give up
and don’t be scared

Don’t worry about potential rejections and failures. If you really want something, just get up and start doing something about it. One thing that helped me get through tough times, a list of my achievements over the past five years. I simply listed everything I’d done and had that list in front of me. I’ve been through so many stressful situations, especially with work visas. Despite all rejections (at least 50!), I knew that everything would happen for me. I kept moving forward and brought out my greatest strengths.


Sofia Teternikova

GDL Property London Full time

EP Advisory give SUPER useful materials and recommendations that actually work! I was lucky to work with Eka who guided me all along my job search journey and was helping me with everything from building a strong CV to make right strategical decisions, and who supported me with her positive energy. Many thanks to Eka and EP Advisory 🙂
Alesya Ionova

GDL Property London Full time

I was fortunate to work with EP Advisory team during my recent job transition. Their experience, insights and guidance have not only helped me relocate to the UK on a Skilled Worker visa, but to secure my dream job! Especially I want to thank Eka who was there for me every step of the way. Even though I had positive feedback about my CV, she helped me to elevate my CV to even a higher level.
Katya Tarapovskaia

GDL Property London Full time

I highly recommend everyone who is looking for a job opportunity, to have such a great company as EP advisory and particularly Eka Vankova, a career advisor in the marketing field. Eka is incomparably professional and provides the utmost personalised assistance with a big hint of care and encouragement. She walked me though the whole process starting with CV&LinkedIn preparation and the job interview, which resulted in 3 job offers (just for 2 months working together!). Wishing you lots of success in the future!
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