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Being inspired by different cultures, Inna has traveled to over 35 countries and finally landed in Brussels, where she works on projects funded by the European Commission. Inna helps young graduates and experienced professionals find their career paths in the private sector in Belgium as well as in EU Agencies and Associations.
Inna speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch. She believes speaking a few languages is inevitable when you live in such a multicultural environment full of expats from all over the world!


NGOs (Non-governmental organisations), communications, project management, consulting, media, tech, start-ups, IT, business, banking, education, energy, environment, health, human rights, commerce, data science.


Belgium and Western Europe.

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People can
open doors for you

Invest your time in building more meaningful connections, as you never know what it can lead to. Don’t plan for some future benefit, just be genuine when you develop and nourish these relationships. In my case, all doors were opened by people I knew. Also remember, the moment people offer you something, you have to hold your head high knowing that you are worthy of it.


January 2022

Great job. Got everything I expected from the package, CV and LinkedIn done brilliantly. Really enjoyed the personal interaction with Inna and Vera, they are great at explaining things and so open and genuine! It's cool to work with professionals who care about what they do.
Marina Gonchar

The communication was very skilled and friendly. I would strongly recommend to all people who have difficulties with resumes/cover letters/LinkedIn profile, as this will definitely increase the chances of being noticed and hired.
October 2022

I really love EP Advisory materials — articles and airs, everything is always super useful. Thanks to the team.
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