Кирилл Иванинский карьерный консультант

Kirill Ivaninskiy


About Kirill

Kirill's expertise varies from corporate to private wealth with experience across law firm and in-house roles. Originally from Siberia he moved his career to Moscow and then to London, took a challenge to start almost from scratch. He will help with a legal career path and support to overcome struggle and anxiety of constant work search and immigration matters.


Corporate law firms, immigration law firms, in-house legal roles at various companies (financial and professional services, incl. Family Offices, tech, start-ups, FMCG).


United Kingdom, Russia.

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Work hard
and have patience

The way it happens with job search; you set your goals and work hard. You're nervous, sometimes even for months, and you can't talk about anything but applying for jobs. You get frustrated but push yourself to keep going. And then boom! A job offer or an invitation to an interview lands in your inbox. It doesn't just happen, it's all the result of your efforts. Patience and hard work will get you through.


Olya Lepeshkina

Brilliant services that have helped me to understand and start working in the right direction to establish my dream career. I can't thank enough Kirill Ivaninskiy for his amazing consultations, great advice and continuous support. He has great expertise in enhancing your CV and he knows what to do in order to have a successful career for legal professionals. I highly recommend EP advisory and Kirill as a consultant.
Maksim Kharchenko

I had 25 rejections on the very last stage of the interview process because of my visa situation! Then I discovered the Global Talent visa. The most important thing for it is to present your strengths in the most impressive way. We assembled a case very quickly, and I got the visa endorsement.
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