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With 9 years of recruitment & HR experience, Nina sees no obstacles in achieving her professional goals. She moved to France to complete her master's degree and then managed to progress to become an HR Director just 3 years after graduation – the fastest amongst her fellow graduates. With her well-rounded HR and immigration law expertise, Nina help young and experienced professionals get a job in France and build an outstanding career there.
Nina has learnt French on her own and can convince anyone that France is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In her spare time she devotes herself to horse riding and energy practices.


Engineering, logistics, quality control, marketing, sales, finance, HR, purchasing, R&D, manufacturing, communication, automotive & aerospace, CAC40 & medium-sized businesses.


France, Western Europe

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France is great
for those who communicate

Your best competitive advantages in France are: international experience, a recognisable university, a genuine interest in the French language and the hard-working nature of Slavic professionals. But the most important thing when you are already here is a good understanding of the local culture. France is a country of networking, fine etiquette and business relations. Your manager might seem to treat you as a colleague but the hierarchy remains in place. Your working day may end at 5pm but it is always preferable to stay longer and socialise with your colleagues. All in all, if you are open to networking and relationship building, it can be a great booster to your career in France.


September 2020

I couldn't understand why I was getting bad feedback from recruiters. The EP Advisory team explained to me how my profile looked on the job market and recommended 3-4 companies to approach. I added the employees from those companies on LinkedIn and within 2 weeks I got a job offer with visa sponsorship!
February 2021

Let me share my story. During the pandemic and remote work, I realised that that was my chance! The decision to change careers had matured for a long time, but somehow it was not up to it. I was afraid to change anything. The lockdown helped me feel my true desires and take action. Of course, EP Advisory helped me a lot: they revealed my strengths and weaknesses and set the vector of development. They warned me it would be difficult but everything is possible. After that, there was no stopping me – I completely changed my career from an accountant to a SAP consultant. I am very grateful to EP Advisory and I recommend everyone to contact them for help! This is a professional team, they give competent advice, listen and support!
Iuliia Iastrebova
May 2023

I have been working with EP Advisory for some time in order to improve my self presentation skills, CV, LinkedIn profile and understand the European labor market better. This cooperation allowed me to receive and accept an offer, which I appreciate a lot! Highly recommended for those who want to change life and have a thoughtful and respectful guidance on the way:)
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