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Roza An


About Roza

Having a 5+ years of career in sales Roza will support you in laying the foundation of your career path in Europe and UK. She will help you to identify your strongest talents and find the best application for them in the areas of sales, business development, marketing, consulting, HR, project management or admin support.

Industries covered

Sales and business development, marketing, consulting, HR, project management, and admin support.

Countries covered

United Kingdom, Europe

15-min intro call

Make the most
of every opportunity

Students often don't make the most of their unique experience in another country. To boost your chances for success, learn languages with fellow students from other countries and do internships, even if you haven't fully decided on your future career. Some proactive students even make business cards and attend networking events. When it comes time to look for a job, you'll already have John's contact at Bloomberg and can ask for a referral!

Roza’s recent success stories

UK University Student:

Igor secured his first-ever London internship while studying at Greenwich University.

Recent Graduate:

Anya returned to London after graduating, securing a position in a private consultancy firm with a Tier 5 visa.

Experienced Marketer:

Asel transitioned from social media marketing in Manchester to sales in London.

Aspiring Marketer:

Zhenya, after studying in London, returned to Latvia and landed a role as an aspiring marketer with flexible hours.


Videos speak better than words! Explore Roza's videos and get more confidence in working with her.


Katerina Rokhina
15 September 2023

I want to say a huge thank you to EP advisory, it was an interesting way to find a job!) Thanks to the recommendations on LinkedIn, recruiters from Google, Nikon and TikTok came to me themselves. I managed to find a job at a startup in Dubai and I'm starting a new job very soon!)
Nurhan Egamova

Marketing Team Manchester New College Group

EP Advisory is a great organisation with a very professional approach. If you are a recent graduate looking for your “dream job”, EP Advisory will help you achieve that goal!
Alexey Alekseev

Aviation consultant London Trax International Ltd

Very friendly and professional team. It is important to understand that you do not get a job, but develop skill and learn tools to get THE job you want. Particularly loved the notes I was sent after a session - still can't get over how they did it without me noticing, but found it super helpful. Simply great people to work with.
Yasia N
23 February 2023

I recently had a consultation with Rosa. Very knowledgeable, courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks a lot! I plan to gain experience as a Project Manager and continue consultations. Thank you!
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