Career orientation

PRICE: £230.00

Learn all about your career possibilities!

Let us help you figure out what you’d love to do for work. We’ll ask you to take an online test to identify your strengths and interests, and then schedule a 60-minute call to discuss your future career in more detail.

Get feedback and practical advice for your situation:

  • Online test
    First, we will give you access to an in-depth career orientation test (sometimes even two or three different tests!). The test results will show your strengths and preferences for career choices, which will help us start a conversation with you. Don’t get surprised by the questions – simply respond as frankly as you can, and the system will do the rest!

  • 60-minute consultation
    In 60 minutes, our consultant will discuss your test results, your preferences in studies at school or university, strengths and weaknesses. We’ll get to the bottom of your true self to see what jobs might suit you best, and which jobs you can be the best at. You will get plenty of food for thought and all the necessary information to focus on your long-term career goals.

  • Detailed report via email
    We will send our recommendations via email to you and your education consultant (if you have one). You will be advised on possible career paths, most promising job titles and salary levels. If you are currently going through the options with your parents, we can schedule a separate call with them, too!

All consultations are conducted via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts. #stayhome

You will be able to choose a consultant you wish to work with after the payment. You will also be asked to share the name of your education adviser (if you have one), just so we can consult them to and get the full picture prior to speaking to you.