LinkedIn: land a job abroad

Learn how to use Linkedin, create a winning profile and get noticed by employers even when they don’t have any jobs openings.

LinkedIn: land a job abroad course by EP Advisory

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67% of our clients find jobs via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform used by 700 million professionals across the world. It can be confidently called the new ‘business card’ for digital networking.

Since 2010, EP Advisory’s team of consultants have spent more than 21,000 hours exploring how the LinkedIn algorithms can benefit job seekers. Knowing the platform from A to Z, we firmly believe that using it in the right way can advance your career. It will help you connect with others, get interest from recruiters, and find that dream job of yours.

Who is the webinar for:

You want recruiters and hiring managers to come to you with job opportunities

You are a professional, executive, student or graduate building an international career

You are building your professional network and need help learning how to reach out to people without feeling intimidated

You want to know exactly how to edit and optimise your profile and master the platform's search algorithm

Course programme

5 modules / 20 lessons

Module 1. LinkedIn as an essential part of job search abroad

3 video-lessons

Lesson 1. What do we need LinkedIn for? For students and experienced professionals.
Lesson 2. How do recruiters use keywords when searching for candidates on LinkedIn?
Lesson 3. LinkedIn algorithms. How do they actually work? What can affect your profile’s ranking?

Test. Check your knowledge of the basic and hidden LinkedIn features.

Module 2. A winning LinkedIn profile

11 video-lessons

Lesson 1. Setting your privacy settings and the URL.
Lesson 2. Adding the right photo and a background image.
Lesson 3. Headline. How to boost your chances to be noticed by 12x?

Downloads. Examples of effective headlines.

Lesson 4. The ‘About’ and ‘Featured’ sections. How to explain your background in 3-4 sentences? What to include in the Featured section to boost your profile views?
Downloads. Examples of About sections for both experienced professionals and graduates.

Test. Check your knowledge re section ‘About’.

Lesson 5. Experience. Why is it important to list responsibilities as well as your job titles? How to show your career progression within one company?
Lesson 6. Education, Licenses and Volunteer Experience. How to fill this section in?
Lesson 7. Skills and Endorsements. How will they help you in your job search

Test. Check your knowledge re section ‘Skills & Endorsements.

Lesson 8. Recommendations. Why do you need them? How can you ask for recommendations and accept them?
Lesson 9. Accomplishments. What to include in this section and why?
Lesson 10. All-star rating. How to improve your chances to be noticed by recruiters by 27x?
Lesson 11. Frequently asked questions and our answers.

Discussion. Ask the EP Advisory team any questions about LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Module 3. Networking and finding the key contacts on LinkedIn

3 video-lessons

Lesson 1. 500+ LinkedIn connections – this is crucial! What the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd level of connections mean.

Lesson 2. How to find and connect with professionals you don’t know yet?

Lesson 3. What is the best way to send your connection request?

Test. What can you use your LinkedIn contacts for?

Assignment. Draft LinkedIn messages to be sent to prospective employers and get feedback from the EP Advisory team.

Module 4. Job search in Europe with your LinkedIn profile

5 video-lessons

Lesson 1. Job seeking preferences. What can you write in Career Interests and how to optimise your settings?
Lesson 2. LinkedIn job search – how to find the job roles you aim for? How to create job alerts?
Lesson 3. Easy Apply – how to send a job application in 15 seconds? Why do you need to optimise your Skills?
Lesson 4. Job descriptions – what is the 85% rule? What do you need to pay attention to in job descriptions and what are keywords?

Downloads. How to tailor your LinkedIn profile and CV for a specific job.

Lesson 5. How to use your Job Tracker to save and monitor jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn: land a job abroad course by EP Advisory

Online course

LinkedIn Online Course Speaker

Course instructor

Elizaveta Proselkova

Founder & CEO of EP Advisory


A Forbes contributor, creator of an inspiring ‘Relocation Stories’ YouTube project and a people’s advocate Elizaveta always likes to push boundaries of what’s possible and help people fulfil their most ambitious goals.

Fun fact

Liza doesn't shy away from difficult questions but if you ask her where she'd like to travel tomorrow, her answer will always be the same: Spain.

“Such a great course with so many lifehacks and insights! I have been looking for such a course for a long time and I was glad to know that it has been created by my favourite EP Advisory”
Almas Karshalov MSc International Business
“Been using LinkedIn nearly every day for years but I still learnt some great points I’ll use to improve my profile and boost my activity.”
Jason Weiss COO & Dealflow Manager
“The course is good to learn how to use LinkedIn, especially for those who do not understand its algorithms and want to find their dream job on the platform.”
Sophie Zybina Inside Sales EMEA
“I have found a lot of mistakes in my profile, changed and added a lot. Thank you for giving all the info about settings and peculiarities of LinkedIn.”
Vasilii Kapitonov Instrumentation Engineer

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

The course materials are available shortly upon your purchase via our website. You will get a welcome email with a registration link to the learning platform and login instructions within 24 hours.

When does the course end?

Our online courses are completely self-paced and are not attached to a specific start date or deadline. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have 3 months after purchase to complete the course and access all the downloadable materials.

What are the software requirements for this course?

We use Thinkific educational platform to provide you with a smooth learning experience. You will need access to the internet to view the course videos, presentations, download the course files and participate in the discussions. No other technology is required.

Who is the speaker on this course?

This course is lead by Elizaveta Proselkova, the Founder of EP Advisory with over 11 years of recruitment experience in London, UK. She has been actively using LinkedIn since 2010.

What if I don't like the course?

We really want to make sure that our courses are super helpful for every learner. If you don’t like the course materials, please send us an email at within 7 days after purchase and we will refund you the total amount.

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LinkedIn: land a job abroad course by EP Advisory

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