Assessment centre: practice for success

Practice assessment centre exercises at our face-to-face workshop in London.

The workshop will simulate a real assessment centre, train you on exactly how you can improve to boost your performance in an assessment centre environment.

Date and time TBC.

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Download our free Assessor Pack and learn exactly what you will face at a real Assessment Centre. Included: individual case study, group exercise, scoring matrix and judging criteria.

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Everything you will face at Assessment Centres

assessment centre timeline

What is included
in the Day

– Pre-Assessment Centre practice case study
– Group assessment
– Psychometric test
– Individual case study
– Role play exercise
– Group presentation
– Individual feedback session with each participant

Date and time TBC.

Compete with five top level students

Who is it for?

1. All candidates who don’t have experience of an assessment centre and would like to prepare themselves.
2. Graduates and undergraduates who want to get a real taste of what it is like to apply to graduate scheme applications.
3. Professionals in the Management Consulting / Financial Services / Banking / IT and similar industries who are looking to change roles and are likely to encounter case studies / presentational assessments.

Why join the
Assessment Centre?

Our goal is to give you a real feeling of what it is like to be put under pressure and perform in an assessment centre environment.

At EP Advisory we have already helped 1200+ young people to grow and improve their skillsets. Our team of consultants supports clients on every part of the recruitment process, from CV and Cover Letters, to interview training, case studies, psychometric testing, and everything in-between. Our clients land the jobs of their dreams whether that is in banking, consulting or other international corporations.


Host: Andre Atallah

Lead consultant, corporate career

Ex-Allianz and Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Andre always finds a way to help you get into the toughest corporate positions in London. Having been there himself, he knows exactly how to approach your application to get a job offer at world-renowned companies in consulting, finance, legal, oil and gas, real estate and engineering.

Watch an interview with Andre on Instagram live covering graduate schemes, video interviews, investment baking and more.

About Andre

Key details

Date: TBC
Location: Canary Wharf, London, UK
Dress code: Business
Cost: £245 incl. VAT

Number of attendees: up to six (6)
What do attendees need to bring? – A pen and paper, calculator (or phone) and laptop.
What do attendees need to prepare? – There is nothing to directly prepare. All interview questions will be competence based, and challenge you as a general candidate, rather than for a specific role or company.

Participants' reviews


Highly recommended. The EP Assessment Centre is basically run like an exact copy of what you would experience in a real assessment centre. Allowed me to get a feel of what I would expect, with a really good overview of what I needed to improve for the real ones.

I attended the session in February 2022. I used to have no idea that the time pressure at these things is so strong, I was feeling nervous throughout the mock assessment centre. Especially during the group case study when I felt that the discussion was going nowhere. That really helped me at the real Assessment Centre though, I had it for a starting position in finance.

I am not a natural presenter and previously struggled at a Deloitte assessment centre for my internship last year, so this Assessment Centre training really challenged me to perform under pressure, and I have to say although it was tough I learned a lot about myself, and interacting with the group was very interesting. It felt very much like a real life assessment centre.

I had won the instagram competition and got a spot at the mock assessment centre, and I’m so happy that I joined! To be fair, I didn’t even expect such perfect organisation of the day, everything was smooth and the sessions were all equally useful. Super helpful even if you end up not taking part in any real assessment centres, you can still use the learnings at final stage interviews and case studies. Thank you EP Advisory, it was a great experience!

I haven’t previously been to an assessment centre, so this was perfect in terms of experiencing one knowing that I would learn about myself, rather than missing out on the live job role. The group case study was really good, and the feedback at the end really opened my eyes on what I need to change!