Getting a graduate job in the UK & the EU

Prepare for the advanced stages of recruitment including psychometric tests, case studies and Assessment Centres. Learn about the specific skills you need to demonstrate to land a graduate job and the typical exercises you are likely to face.

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Boost your chances for success

Are you applying for graduate schemes in London? If so, it's critical that you understand exactly what you are likely to face, including:

Psychometric tests

Different types of pre-hiring tests and how to approach them online as well as offline at an AC.

Group Exercises

What they are expecting you to do, what personality you should be showing, how to be confident and convincing, and how to show your leadership qualities.

Individual Presentation / Case Studies

Interpreting data under pressure, creating a streamlined and easy to understand presentation, answering questions with confidence and thinking on the spot.


Dealing with random and confusing questions and tasks, presenting a clear approach to dealing with complexity and managing information under pressure.

Individual Interview

How to present yourself and your experience with confidence, how to answer competence based questions effectively, how to impress the interviewer without trying, and the importance of preparation.

Who is the webinar for:

Students looking for applying for spring weeks and summer internships

Students applying to graduate schemes

You are looking to work in finance, banking, consulting, law or audit

You want to start your career at a top employer

You are coming up against an Assessment Centre soon

You have little or no experience of face-to-face or virtual Assessment Centres

You want to practice face-to-face interviews and group exercises

Join our free webinar and learn about:

Psychometric testing
Group Exercises
Face to face interviews
Individual Presentation / Case Studies
Individual Interviews

The webinar speaker

Andre Atallah

Career Consultant – Senior


Andre supports EP Advisory clients looking to find a way into some of the toughest corporate positions and fields in London and abroad (Big4, Banking, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Financial Markets and Legal), including specialist preparation at all stages of the recruitment process, expert awareness on how to tailor your applications to the desired field, and dealing with the unexpected.

About Andre
“It was really valuable for me to take part in your webinar last week. Besides, EP Advisory’s short and informative videos present a lot of useful information in just 5-10 min. I highly recommend following EP Advisory across social media!”
Oksana Peresunko Project Management
“I found out about EP Advisory through a recommendation and asked them about the current UK visas to determine my strategy. The team is very professional and pleasant. Special thanks to the consultant Andre Atallah with whom I had a conversation. I received very informative answers to my questions. As I progress with my relocation plans, I will definitely turn to the specialists of this company for help.”
Olga Tolstaya
“EP Advisory was a turning point in my career. If you feel stuck in your job search or can't understand what's wrong with your CV, these experienced career consultants can definitely help.”
Ilya Sibikin Engineering

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