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Aliya Berkaliyeva, an accomplished Project Manager with an impressive 7-year track record, currently serving at the prestigious footwear powerhouse, Skechers. She earned her MBA in London and pursued her American Dream in Los Angeles. Aliya understands the challenges and opportunities of the U.S. job market, making her an ideal guide for professionals and graduates. Connect with Aliya today for expert guidance in your American job search.

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E-commerce, Retail, Fashion, Project management, Marketing, production management, procurement and supply chain.

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Lina Yuminova

Huge thanks to EP Advisory team for career consultation, advice on how to change my CV so it would be ready to send out, and for a detailed breakdown of a possible plan on finding a job with relocation. All was extremely helpful to me in terms of sorting out the mess in my head about applying, and defining and structuring my approach to job search. Thanks a lot again, and highly recommended!
Anastasia Siromakho

I really enjoy the suggestions I got from EP Advisory. They provided the strategy which helped me a lot in understanding the job search process. I recommend these guys as the great professionals.
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