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Galina Maslennikova


About Galina

Having over decade long career in fashion styling, including such glossy titles as Glamour and Cosmopolitan, as well as advertising campaigns for such brands as Puma, Casio, Samsung, etc., Galina will help you with building up a career in fashion and creative industries. She will help you stand out from other applicants by showing compelling portfolio and what to highlight in your CV, in order to get desired job offer.

Industries covered

Fashion, photography, video production, cinema, TV production, advertising production

Countries covered

UK, Europe.

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I’ve always had a strong passion for creativity. Alongside my main activities, I tried out various creative things like writing articles and styling images. One day, I spontaneously decided to take a short fashion styling course in New York. It turned out to be much more affordable than a formal degree. While studying, I came across a social media post by a Glamour fashion director, talking about the challenges of organising shoots during her New York trip. Without hesitation, I reached out to offer my help to the stylists. This led to an amazing opportunity, and I ended up extending my stay in the city for another six months through various internships.

Galina’s recent success stories

Contemporary Art Curator:

Nastya received an offer from an international London-based company after relocating with a Global Talent visa.

Luxury Brand Manager:

Natalie moved from Kazakhstan to the UK to join a prominent company.

Experienced Designer:

Sofya transitioned to London in 2023, bringing four years of experience as a game designer.


Aliya secured a long-term contract after moving with her partner, successfully overcoming various challenges.


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Maria Yanovskaya

Extremely positive impressions from communication. Competent, friendly, to the point. I think I found exactly what I was looking for!
Anton Petrov

EP Advisory is a team full of professionals who really love what they do, which is enlightening people with crucial knowledge and helping to achieve their goals. I had a pleasure to attend several of their webinars and was amazed by deep subject knowledge. Webinars were not only super informative, but also very motivational. All questions were deeply discussed and answered in detail. Also I have to mention their youtube channels filled with priceless information for job seekers, definitely most complete and useful base of knowledge for Russian speakers out there.
Sophie Alexis
May 2023

I want to say a huge thank you for the advice to Luma and Galina. I received answers to all my questions during the consultation. It was an initial consultation and the girls gave me advice on what to work on, where to start, how to move on. A lot of things have become clear to me in my situation and in the future I will definitely contact EP Advisory for help in relocation. These are absolutely competent and knowledgeable people who know how to do everything correctly and professionally. I follow the page on Instagram, there is always a lot of useful information and advice. For us, the foreign labor market is a mystery, but for EP Advisory it is a native environment and I am sure that everything will work out with their help. I recommend it to everyone.
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