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Ekaterina Shevlyuga


About Ekaterina

Ekaterina has been successfully hunting for jobs in Germany, UK, Norway and Italy and has managed to effortlessly combine her experience in audit and finance with academic research and teaching and even fashion. As an ex-KPMG and Bloomberg employee, she helps young and experienced professional realise their true potential and make the right career move.

Industries covered

Consulting, financial technology, financial markets, banking, IT, accounting, auditing, Big4, Bloomberg, large corporates, start-ups, fashion, project management, academic jobs С.

Countries covered

Norway, Great Britain, Germany and Italy.

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I started my journey
by choosing a strategy «play safe»

I wanted to work in top companies. But in the process, I tried both academic and creative activities, and even help people with building a career as a consultant in EP Advisory. It is a huge charge for me to see that my knowledge can qualitatively change a person's life. My advice: put aside doubts and look for what makes you happy. Do what your soul is for.


Videos speak better than words! Explore Ekaterina's videos and get more confidence in working with him.


Sofia Teternikova
April 2022

I would highly recommend EP Advisory for their expertise and professionalism. EP Advisory give SUPER useful materials and recommendations that actually work!
Diana Bouskila

Let me share my story. During the pandemic and remote work, I realised that that was my chance! The decision to change careers had matured for a long time, but somehow it was not up to it. I was afraid to change anything. The lockdown helped me feel my true desires and take action. Of course, EP Advisory helped me a lot: they revealed my strengths and weaknesses and set the vector of development. They warned me it would be difficult but everything is possible. After that, there was no stopping me – I completely changed my career from an accountant to a SAP consultant. I am very grateful to EP Advisory and I recommend everyone to contact them for help! This is a professional team, they give competent advice, listen and support!
Nurhan Egamova

Marketing Team

EP Advisory is a great organisation with a very professional approach. Victoria provided all the information about graduate jobs, and after that I knew exactly how to build a career in the right industry. I really liked her attitude and support and it gave me confidence in my future plans. If you are a recent graduate looking for your “dream job”, EP Advisory will help you achieve that goal!
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