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Нина Старцева консультант по карьере в нидерландах

Nina Startseva


About Nina

Nina started her career path in the United Arab Emirates and after getting enough sunshine in the desert, she decided to relocate to the rainy Netherlands. With her 8 years of experience in recruitment, Nina has access to the most up-to-date information on what employers are looking for and will help you navigate through the Middle Eastern and Dutch markets with ease.

Industries covered

Construction, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Renewables, Engineering, HR and Recruitment, Financial Services, FMCG.

Countries covered

The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates

15-min intro call

Let’s meet in 5 years
and see!

As a recruiter, I don’t like asking candidates where they want to be in five years. I have no clue about that myself! Life has many twists and turns, and I like ending up in places I’d never expected to be in. For instance, I wasn’t targeting Dubai as a work destination. When I went there as a tourist with my parents, I saw the skyscrapers and said, it would be so cool to live here one day. Three years later, I got my job offer in Dubai. It was just for six months but I stayed there for seven years. Later, I fell in love with Rotterdam whilst on my first business trip to the Netherlands. In a year, I moved here and got my work visa. Where do I want to be in five years? I’ve got no idea, let’s meet and see then!


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Consulting Full time

The first session with Nina was very impressive. Lots of very specific practical advice and recommendations for making the most out of LinkedIn. Also, Nina was amazing at supporting me even when I got a rejection on the very last stage of the selection process (I was the second candidate and didn’t get the job). Eventually I found everything I was looking for!

Engineering Full time

Nina Startseva helped me in my job search. Initially I was going to look for jobs in the UAE but started getting offers from Europe. Four months later, I managed to secure a position in Slovenia. I would like to thank Nina and the EP Advisory team for their extensive expertise and attention to details. I received the support I needed at every stage of the process.

Finance Full time

My call with Nina was full of useful information. You guys are doing a great job and most importantly giving valuable advice. That is a huge help for thousands of people looking for a dream job with quality service you are striving to deliver.
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If you want to dive deeply into one area of the job search process, for instance get feedback on your CV or practice before a job interview, book a 60-minute consultation with Nina Startseva.


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